The Staff Committee`s negotiation analysis document records the status of all company agreement clauses during the negotiations and will be updated immediately after the negotiation meetings. Agora can also help government authorities, trade unions and private companies develop affordable and fair company agreements. The new bargaining policy places greater emphasis on measurable savings and productivity initiatives to fund rising personnel costs. It is necessary for all agencies to seek permission from the APSC, for the proposed agreements to be affordable and to offer genuine productivity compensation, with guaranteed current savings, before wage increases can be proposed. For more information on the APSC Enterprise Bargaining Framework, please see the following link: ComSuper employees recently voted in favor of a wage increase, making the 450-employee agency the first GSP employer to negotiate and approve a collective agreement under the framework. In addition to NBN Co. recently accepted a new offer of salary and agreement with employees. These agreements may provide for the direction to be followed by other agencies and collaborators. Watch a short video in which you thank members and welcome the new EA. Representatives of the Staff Association will hold a number of online national assemblies to allow for a comprehensive analysis of the proposed EA content. All CSIRO staff members are cordially invited to participate. Contact an organizer, delegate or email [email protected] for more information.

Note: It looks like you have disabled Javascript in your browser. To comment on this article, please write this code along with your comment: 38dc66d1e475483a8329377b84e050a72 Of the 61 percent of employees who participated in the survey, an overwhelming majority of 97 percent voted yes to support the new agreement. It also means that improvements in salaries or conditions must be financed from the Agency`s existing budgetary allocations, without the programme`s funding being redirected during the term of the agreement. The results come from the vote of all employees and CSIRO staff voted in favor of approving the proposed Company Agreement (EA). Of the more than five hundred Staff Association members who participated in the survey, 78 percent, or nearly four out of five respondents, ordered union representatives to support the EA proposal. .