The agreement also includes the recruitment of PPS responsible for the climate and safety of a school, the protection of summary fees for members in higher temporary positions but later going back to an earlier position, and an appropriate directive on the provision of educational services. The new interim agreement also includes provisions that would reduce the number of meetings for headteachers, so that they are not removed from classrooms for long periods of time; Provide APAs to 111 schools that do not have them; Announce new internships for PPS in new schools in months instead of days before a new school semester – and create new assessment systems for vice-principals. The CSA negotiated the protection of our members from harassment, intimidation, retaliation and discrimination of any kind. When a member of the CSA is so offended or returns the favour, when he expresses reservations, reports a suspicion of a breach of a DOE directive or a contract-compliant provision, or cooperates with an investigation, they have now appealed a remedy to make claims and arbitration provisions of the CBA. 2 A meeting of CSA members for contract review will be held on Wednesday, February 26, 2020 during schooling. The time and place will soon be announced through our member updates and on our website. Eligible employees can use PPL immediately after recruitment. The CSA fought hard for a rare retroactive benefit, which extends the PPL to entitled workers who became parents (birth, adoption or care) on October 1, 2019. These CSA members have the right to use up to 25 PPL working days up to six months from birth, adoption or delivery of care. Last month, after nearly a year of negotiations, the Board of Directors and Directors of the School (CSA) approved an interim but significant contract with New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Chancellor Richard Carranza. While we have prioritized our communication with you on issues related to COVID-19 and the transition to distance learning, we would like to inform you that our treaty has been formally ratified. The American Arbitration Association informed CSA that the treaty was ratified by 96% of those who voted (2926 members voted in favour, while 119 voted in favor of rejection).

We are very pleased with the result and thank you for your support. With this contract, we have also taken an important step towards fairer wages for contractors. In addition, the DOE is committed to a Tenure framework that will provide clear and concise guidelines for school and non-school board decisions.