Access restrictions and the use of individual resources are determined by the licensing agreements and terms of use of service providers. By signing the student access form or the library`s copyright confirmation form, you agree to these conditions. These are legally binding. Any violation may result in the loss of this information service to the entire university community. These conditions apply to all of our electronic services. Specific licensing conditions may also apply. An NLA-licensed copy. No other copies can be made, except under license. You cannot continue to copy or distribute. They must clearly identify all recordings, both digitally and on paper, and contain the following information: Creative Commons is an internationally recognized option to authorize material to promote sharing and recycling, while the rights of authors of work are protected by depriving only part of the copyrights and by making clear the intentions of the authors.

For example, under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial No Derivatives (CC-BY-NC-ND) license, the creator consents to the transmission of the work (for example. B of an image, video or text) in any format (online or on paper) as long as the reuse is not used for commercial purposes, the work is used as a whole and the authorship of the original is credited. Creative Commons licenses object to the “all rights reserved” position of the copyright position, which is the default position if no license is indicated. “All rights reserved” limits all possible uses of copyright in the work. A CLA license allows digital content from books, magazines and electronic publications to be copied, scanned and reused for educational purposes. The use of our database and ejournal services may also be subject to special licensing conditions. The ELA license allows you to access and download content from on-demand services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and 4oD. Different services are not required to purchase a separate license. If you receive a payment request from the TV Licensing Agency, please contact Estates. The university has a common television license that covers all buildings.