Erasmus: mobility of Unitelma Sapienza students for study purposes graduates who are generally satisfied with the experience of higher education. Graduates satisfied with the relationship with teachers – Master of Economics and International Management For student mobility for internships, the apprenticeship agreement for internships must indicate how the stay abroad is recognized for the purposes of the diploma and whether it is carried out on a voluntary basis (not mandatory to obtain the diploma) or by a recently appointing graduate, as stated in the guidelines mentioned below. All educational policy activities that are carried out profitably during the stay abroad and which are properly included in the Esse3 Apprenticeship Agreement (and possible changes) and in the registration document issued by the partner university are recognised in the student`s brochure. It is not permissible to exclude from the recognition procedure any of the activities stated in the letter of the minutes: all activities carried out abroad and included in the apprenticeship agreement must be recognised in the quarry. Arabic, Chinese, French, English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, German The use of the recognition of additional credits is only admitted in a subsidiary and marginal way, provided that one of the following cases is used: students who have received an Erasmus scholarship must exercise in writing the right to accept or renounce this scholarship, in the form and forms indicated by Erasmus and the Commission on International Relations. Students who, for whatever reason, do not show up within the time frame for formalizing acceptance are considered waivers; in this case, the classification of merits is paraded. For the mobility of students for study purposes, the apprenticeship agreement for studies must indicate the teaching elements that will be replaced at the end of studies abroad, as outlined in the guidelines below. At the end of the recognition process, the International Mobility Office will update the career at Esse3 through the validation procedure: teaching activities acquired abroad and compliance with exams in the curriculum will be recognised in the career. Are you a bachelor`s student, a master`s degree? Would you like to train abroad? This year again, unitelma Sapienza will allow you to participate in the tender for Erasmus mobility grants for study or internships, which will be organised in universities and institutions/institutions/partners of the university.