In the absence of public data sources, we have directly requested information on the use of the PLA from policy makers in each province. Due to the sensitive nature of APA information, we first consulted with policy makers to identify information that could and could be made public. In May 2012, we asked policy makers if they could disclose specific information about coverage, pla use and PLA (e.g. B, simple discounts, price-volume agreements or results-based pricing). After gathering information and feedback from the 10 provinces, in July 2012 we requested drug information for a drug sample that, in 2010 or 2011, received an initial recommendation on joint drug control (CDR) and was funded in one or more provinces at the time. A total of 35 drugs were first tested by the CDR between 2010 and 2011. We excluded nine of these drugs because as of May 2012, they were not listed in any province for coverage – and therefore would not generate data on PLA. We also excluded a drug, Janumet, on the recommendation that confidentiality clauses for related APAs in some unmentioned provinces necessarily restrict participation in our study. Table 22 summarizes CDR`s recommendations and the extent of provincial coverage and use of the PLA for each of the 25 drugs in our sample. More provinces funded drugs that received positive CDR recommendations (average – 6.5 provinces, CI: 5.0, 8.1) than those with negative CDR recommendations (average – 2.8 provinces, CI: 1.8, 3.7). Excluding British Columbia, there were no significant differences in the average number of provinces using PLA for drugs with positive CDR recommendations (average 1.2, CI: 0.7, 1.6) compared to drugs with negative CDR recommendations (average – 1.6, CI: 0.7, 2.5). In these categories, excluding British Columbia, there was a stronger correlation between the number of provinces funding a drug and the number of APEs used for this drug underset with negative CDR recommendations (r-0.87, s<0.01) compared to the provinces with positive CDR recommendations (r-0.53, p-0.03).