OEM partnerships also offer specific software components that complement proprietary offerings. Smartphones are a sector typically linked to OEM partnerships. Technology companies that make smartphones often turn to third-party software providers to design their phones` pre-installed software. The high level of adaptation of OEM partnerships means that companies, regardless of their IT capabilities, can extract the maximum amount of available knowledge from their different data sets. (Are you wondering how to find the right OEM provider for your embedded analytics?) The benefits that companies derive from OEM partnerships can be considerable. In addition to considerable cost savings and development time, it could expose your product to a whole new market. It also means that someone else takes care of all the ISO certifications or other quality requirements that are required. Embedded Analytics is a classic example of an OEM partnership that has a positive impact on business strategies and practices. Companies can also use OEMs to apply cloud, on-premise or hybrid analytics to enterprise data collected in different areas of the organization. OEM partnerships are an interprofessional practice that allows companies to design and integrate the software they need without investing in specialized and expensive IT experts. Third-party software that generates OEM partnerships offers a number of advantages. For example, companies that enter into OEM partnerships can access ongoing customer support. In addition, the OEM assumes responsibility for any cybersecurity measures that the software may involve.

In addition, companies that decide to acquire software through OEM partnerships will receive highly individualized software components that add value to their own products, while minimizing maintenance issues that may arise in the software. Before we deprive ourselves of the advantages and options of OEM partners, we must first define what the OEM is. OEMs or original OEMs manufacture software that is used as components in another company`s products and is then provided to customers. Although this software company can build software for a variety of smartphones, any technology company that cooperates with them will receive a unique software product or products that are granted to them, which they pool, brand and sell as their own. OEM partners (first OEMs) are companies whose software offerings can be integrated into proprietary products or applications. OEM partner software works in the same way as white-label software, although it differs in the height of customization offered. The white labeling software essentially involves cosmetic modifications that allow companies to adapt the software to the appearance and feel of their brand. The software provided by OEM partners allows companies to make global changes to the core software based on their specific needs. With custom prescriptive analytics technology, directly integrated into their software or hardware, critical vectors such as employee agility, marketing tactics and inventory maintenance receive data-based recommendations to improve ROIs.

As a third-party integration, Embedded Analytics can be organically modulated as businesses grow.