… Mohammad Yaqoob Mir, J.:: According to the agreement of 01.05.2012, the petitioner made available to the sponsor assistance services to ATMs. This agreement was signed during a period of two… The terms of the agreement provide for an extension of the term. The petitioner must be admitted in due competition until a new ATM master is initiated.4. The interviewee in the answer… Occasionally, short time extensions. Finally, on 22.12.2015, the applicant was informed by the respondent that the ATM guards made the decision… Dr.B.R. Sarangi, J.:- The petitioner, who was in charge of domestic economics work in accordance with the agreement on the execution of janitor duties, said OJC 13137 of… The petitioner. Subsequently, the petitioner reached an agreement on 6.12.1989 and worked as a janitor under the terms of the agreement. The company has booked the company in Calcutta.

At the end of the contract, the petitioner entered into a new agreement on 8.11.1999 to work as a janitor at the guesthouse in Bhubaneswar. The task was accomplished on a… Mrs. Concierge Rekha by r. 57,000/- by agreement. Accused Rekha worked as a janitor one day, she left the complainant`s house in the evening.5. Qualified advice for… had proposed to assign company offices through the conclusion of a concierge contract. The Supreme Court found that the concierge agreement was at odds with the company`s objects in liquidation…

for the decision on this procedure are:- This is the case of the applicant who, under a lease agreement of 1 July 1968, for a period of 60 years, M/s.Devidayal Industries… 60 years to pay the annual deadline and the conditions set for it. According to the lease agreement, the rental period would expire on July 1, 2028, or about 11 years… House caretaker agreement attached to Shri Jayesh Chauhan`s affidavit of June 27, 2018. It appears from the agreement that the structure of 300 sq. ft was given on a concierge basis… as agreed in the concierge agreement. There is no order. (RIYAZ I. CHAGLA J.) (A.S. OKA, J.) 12/12 … Removes the statement made in paragraph 6 of his previous affidavit and states that the structure at issue was given to respondent No.

4 on the derobists basis by the Mumbai Slum Improvement Board. he… 2. The original tenancy in this case was for a period of two years. Querist was therefore able, from 6 October 1985, to rent the premises safely for an additional nine months, without the tenant obtaining a renewal fee. According to Gatien`s precedent, a janitor`s contract could be concluded before the expiry of this period, on the basis of which Mr. Doe would continue to work for one week at the end of this nine-month period, without rent. As a janitor, Mr. Doe would not be a tenant and would maintain the premises for this period of fiduciary purposes.

During this one-week period, a new lease agreement for a period of two years and nine months would be agreed and executed between the parties. If the facts of the Gatien case were strictly respected, Mr. Doe would set up a business and that company would take over the new lease. However, the creation of a company cannot be essential to regulation. The Supreme Court`s arguments in Gatien suggest that the same exercise could happen again at the end of a new two-year, nine-month lease period. … That he has no right to file a complaint.