The guarantee form allows a guarantor to free himself from a financial form and/or legally linked to a contract. This is a common practice for loan contracts and lease documents after the contract has expired or has been fully executed. Release is recommended, even if it is not necessary, in the presence of a notary. the borrower has repaid the secured bonds and the guarantee is offpaid or the bond has been paid as part of the guarantee – for more information, please consult the practical note: Execution of guarantees by repayment or repayment and collection considerations It is important to have a personal guarantee form, as you may be held financially responsible for future debts that could be incurred on the account if you do not. The release of the personal guarantee form indicates that you have fully fulfilled all obligations to the account to which you were originally bound as collateral. If someone tried to come after you for unpaid debts on a loan or lease, you will have proof that you terminated the terms of the original agreement. In the case of a business, if you own a company, you cannot be held responsible for debts incurred after the date of the form. As a director, you cannot get out of a personal warranty if the company is insolvent. The only thing you can do is renegotiate the deal so that your lender no longer insists on a PG. If it is summoned, you can choose to pay it, to decide how to pay it, to declare bankruptcy What the surety releases: the most important thing to define is to know what the guarantor is freeing himself from. It will usually be a document – z.B a lease – and should also include the date of the agreement. They could, for example, add it to the inscription “considering that the guarantors and re-educators are parties to a vehicle lease agreement, dated May 4, 2018, with all amounts and debts payable according to the document, between the main consideration and the re-registration.” This clause helps validate the document if you ever have to bring it to justice.

It allows a judge to see what you`re released from. Although the name sounds scary, the shape is actually pretty straight. Unlocking a personal guarantee form allows a guarantor (or the person requesting release) to be exempted from the legal guarantee by a loan contract.