Now, the government, through its slum development scheme, has turned to Mr. P. for the development of his land for slum dwellers. Mr. P. receives “transferable development rights” from the government in return. Mr. P may use these “transferable development rights” in any country, subject to certain conditions. The provisions of Article 45 provide that the capital gain is taxable in the year in which the capital to be taken into consideration is transferred. This will create a harshness for the owner of the land/building to pay a significant amount of tax in the taxation year in which the property was transferred. The tax benefit is defined, including in section 102(10), and the scope is very broad and includes any type of view or tax deferral or any other amount payable under the law, an increase in the refund, whether by the application of a tax treaty or by other means, or a reduction in overall income or an increase in loss in the previous year or another previous year. .

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