Why should someone receive something they haven`t worked for? Anything purchased or manufactured by both partners should be sold and divided 50/50 if they cannot decide who should keep it. Anything that is bought or manufactured individually before, during and after the wedding must remain 100% with that person. The two partners should also keep separate bank accounts and keep all the money. I think that, on this point of our culture, marital agreements are becoming more and more common. However, they are still considered a bit negative for marriages where at least one spouse is well off or they think the marriage will end in divorce. However, divorces can be very chaotic and emotional when it comes to distributing assets. A marriage settlement reached at the end of the year, which has the interests of both parties in mind, could lead to a more fluid divorce. However, a marital agreement stipulating that one person retains all of his property while the other receives nothing could also prevent a couple from divorcing, even in cases of abusive relationships. If you decide that a marriage deal is right for your union, it`s best not to store it at the last minute. No prenup is clothed in iron, and one thing it can invalidate is coercion. This may sound scary, but if a party can prove that it signed the contract under duress, it may be null and void.

If the prenup was signed days or even hours before the wedding, it could reinforce the argument that someone was forced to accept it. Marriage is not quantum physics. There have been many divorce cases to establish an effective, fair standard for pre-nups. You don`t need a knowledge of the future to design a contract that defines the basis for a sharing of wealth, no matter how big or small that wealth. The fundamental logic behind this sentence is that people appreciate different things at different times and that the value of things also changes over time. This is not an argument why pre-marital agreements (or any agreement) should not be recognized by the courts. These agreements are created precisely because the future is uncertain. Pre-marriage agreements are a kind of insurance policy. Insurance policies are created because the future is uncertain. Similarly, if you insure your home and burn down the house, the insurance that should pay for the home insurance cannot argue that the insurance policy is invalid because it did not know that the house was going to burn. We will even go so far as to say that all the decisions we make in life are made under uncertainty about the future. These decisions can sometimes be objectively wrong, but they remain our choices and reflect what we consider a good thing.

Pre-nup is a contract that is the couple`s consensus on what is right, both parties must agree on compliance with the contract. For this reason, pre-nups are fairer for both parties, as they have taken into account the individual preferences and needs of the couple much more than a court decision can ever do.