The hosting provider reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to determine all issues related to the configuration of hardware, software, telecommunications, system components, advertising categories and other administrative or operational issues for the host site, as it deems it necessary or useful in the normal course of business. This does not apply to confidential information that: (i) is or will be known to the general public (except because of direct or indirect communication from the receiving party or its representative); (ii) has been or will be made available to the receiving party, on a non-confidential basis, by a source other than the party or related company, unless that source is bound by the [real/constructive] knowledge of the receiving party and which is bound by a confidentiality agreement with the party or a related company or which is prohibited by other means of disclosing this information by contract, legal or trust to the party or (iii) must be disclosed by law, provided that the receiving party gives notification to the party and has the opportunity to request an appropriate protection decision at its own expense. This document would ideally be used by a company or a single publishing house that seeks a global agreement for its advertisers. This document contains a table that allows all kinds of advertisements to be included in all types of price points and execution data. In other words, it is fully customizable for exactly what is needed. Each party (or identified third party) has its respective websites and all the content and content they contain. None of this grants the other party a right, title or license in the intellectual property rights of a party, except that the customer grants the host provider the limited, non-exclusive and non-negotiable license to establish and advertise ads (including the identification marks included in it) on the host site, as the terms of this site and any applicable insertion provisions. At the end or expiry of this agreement, the host will immediately disable the ad or advertisements. Neither party grants the right to publish or use other party`s trademarks, service marks, logos and/or other trademarks in advertisements, promotions, press releases and/or other advertising or marketing materials without the prior written consent of that other party [not to be improperly retained].

Notwithstanding the above, a brief, non-defamatory reference to the existence of the agreement outlined above by one party (without giving details and/or the use of the other party`s identification marks) is not considered a violation of the other party and/or the confidentiality provisions described below. The customer will send the host all the ads based on the information sent in writing to the customer about the ad operator. The hosting provider may refuse, at the correct choice and on the basis of a reasonable service, an advertisement that is not in the right format and/or refuse any link to an advertised website that is not significantly functional and/or that the host provider deems unsuitable for a link to the host site; provided, however, that the host provider first provides the customer with a detailed description of the non-compliance and an appropriate way to assess its defects (subject to all the time frames indicated).