The plaintiff was employed by Endoxos as a cleaner. Endoxos then restructured its operations so that the candidate and other employees became contractors under a hiring agreement with another company. The Claimant continued to perform the same work for Endoxos as a detergent under her direction and control, using her equipment and in uniform. The main category of temporary employment service providers is defined in section 7 of the Labour Hiring Licences Act, 2018 (Vic.) (LHL Act), which provides that a temporary employment service provider is a company that has entered into an agreement with one or more persons to provide the persons for the provision of work in and as part of a host`s business or business, and is required to pay the person for the work performed for the host. However, if the circumstances were such that Accountant Partners & Co provided the client with the accountant to complete the client`s team and the accountant performed the same work as the client`s employees, this would be a termination of work and would require a licence, unless the accountant belonged to one of the excluded categories of employees, for example. B one second. Full Bench set aside the finding that the claimant, who had entered into a contract with a temporary employment agency, was in fact the employee of the host employer to whom the claimant had been assigned to perform the work. For more flexibility, you should include a fee schedule in your agreement. These include: The concept has different English language names depending on the jurisdiction. Using such a solution reduces the risk of future liability, especially in cases where your company uses a large number of hired employees to meet seasonal or project-based needs (a common problem in the food and beverage industry). Question: Is the agreement between Protect and Market Festival an agreement on hiring workers? The Fair Work Act of 2009 establishes a safety net of employee rights with the NES and rewards.

Workers in the recruitment sector covered by the national industrial relations regime are entitled to the minimum conditions of the NES and the corresponding company award or agreement. .