Answer: The right to strike is not explicitly mentioned in ILO Convention 87. However, ILO oversight bodies, including the Committee on Freedom of Trade Union, have repeatedly stated that the right to strike is a fundamental right of workers and the main means of promoting and legally defending their economic and social interests. Please choose your username to view all your comments. You can only set your username once. In addition, voluntary bargaining of collective agreements is a fundamental aspect of freedom of association, which involves the obligation to negotiate in good faith the maintenance of harmonious labour relations. Employers and unions should negotiate in good faith and do everything in their power to reach an agreement; Genuine and constructive negotiations are a necessary element in establishing and maintaining a relationship of trust between the parties. A compromise agreement is a legally binding agreement that, either during or after the termination of your employment relationship, constitutes a legally binding agreement and terminates its employment. It is recognized by law and is only the only way to effectively “resilient” your labour law rights. It usually provides for severance pay for which you agree not to make claims or claims before an employment tribunal.

You must take independent legal advice from a lawyer in the agreement for its validity and your employer will generally pay for the cost. In the event that workers are prohibited from exercising their right to strike or being limited in the exercise of this right, appropriate, impartial and expediting conciliation and arbitration procedures should be initiated, in which the parties concerned participate at all stages and in which the granting of post-issue authorization is fully and without delay. [11] Question: Do companies have a responsibility to promote or respect collective bargaining with respect to the principle of “promoting collective bargaining”? To what extent should a company be proactive in promoting the principle? Is it sufficient to negotiate collective agreements when workers demand it? or should a company also encourage collective bargaining between its employees and in its supply chain? Answer: The right of workers to create or join freely to the organisations of their choice implies the effective possibility of forming organisations independent of existing independent organisations.