We are back on the road with the RV with lots of traveling this week. Between 3 rounds of golf, 2 states, our RV needed a repair and a sick kitty, we stay pretty busy but found some time to wind down at the end of the week for a really chill day. Here’s a day by day recap of Week 19 of the #ultimategolfroadtrip!

Day 124 – Saw another bear and her cubs!!

We said goodbye to the cabin we stayed in for my brother’s wedding and hit the road for Indiana! Not 10 minutes into our drive we spotted a mama black bear on a hill with her THREE CUBS! Best day ever! We took a wrong turn and ended up making our trip another hour longer but it was a beautiful drive to Indiana so no complaints. We stayed in a Walmart parking lot where I did a live meeting in my Facebook group. #workfromanywhere

Day 125 – Check-in at the hotel

We made it to French Lick Resort and checked in. It was SO strange to pack bags and move all 4 of us into a hotel. I stink at packing because we never have to do it anymore so we took about 5 trips back and forth. But then we took advantage of all of the amenities – pool, gym, hot bath!

Day 126 – Golf and pizza on the porch

We woke up from a great nights sleep in a king size bed, ready to golf at the Dye Course. It was a beautiful day and I loved knowing my fur babies were snuggled up in the hotel with endless AC and a big comfy bed. The staff spoiled Ella with a new collar, a toy, and treats. After the round, we were WIPED! It was so hot for a Spring day in IN so we grabbed a pizza (rare for us) and sat on the amazing wrap around porch at the resort and enjoyed dinner. A better part of the evening was spent shuffling things back to the RV so we didn’t have to do much in the morning before our next round.

Day 127 – Check-out, golf, check engine light

We said goodbye to the beautiful French Lick Resort and headed to the Donald Ross course. On the way there, our check engine light came back on and we went into limp mode which restricts our speed to 35mph. It’s a good indicator something is wrong. We made it to the course and took a deep breath. While we played, I got a Plan A, B, and C together. First stop after the round, O’Reiley’s to get a free scan and general idea of what’s going on. It showed something about the fuel filter/system. It wasn’t in limp mode anymore and I’d made us an appointment at the closest dealership 1.5 hours away the next morning. So we drove and slept in the dealership parking lot.

Day 128 – Dealership Day 1 and vet visit

We checked in for our appointment at 8 am but they couldn’t take a look at it until after lunch. That worked perfectly because Mr. P (our cat) had a vet appointment down the road to get his ears checked out. Poor guy had a double ear infection so we got him hooked up with meds and he’s on the mend. Back at the dealership, they started diagnosing later in the day and determined it was probably a sensor. They reset all of our codes and told us to drive it over the weekend and come back Monday to recheck it, do a longer diagnostic and get it fixed. We found a local Walmart and spent the night.

Day 129 – Valhalla, finding water, relaxing parking

Jordan had the privilege of playing Valhalla today with a friend from Instagram. And I got to spend the day parked in one of their friend’s parent’s driveways that had a beautiful piece of property. I relaxed with the fur babies all day, prepped food, enjoyed the gorgeous weather by the pond and made sure Ella had plenty of exercise. We ended the day with another night in the Walmart parking lot. It was a nice Walmart 😛

Day 130 – Best day ever – no plans!

We woke up with zero plans except find a little more water so we could wash dishes and flush the toilet. Thanks Cabela’s! We found a beautiful park in Louisville, grabbed our picnic blanket, chairs, snacks and animals and enjoyed the whole day under the trees just hanging out. Since we were too far to spend Mother’s Day with either of our moms, this was the next best thing.

Next week, check back in for a full report on the RV repair. Plus we are driving from KY to OH to PA to DC all in one week with 3 rounds of golf! If you want to follow along real time, we hang out on Instagram. You can find Jordan here @thedapperdrive and me (Brittany) here @brittanylaurencreates.