Taking the RV to NYC was quite an adventure. For week 22 of the #ultimategolfroadtrip, we spent the entire week in and around NYC which is our old stomping ground. Jordan and I lived in the city from 2009 to 2012 when we both worked at the bank and that’s where I started my photography studio. We were excited to see friends, catch up, do some shooting and eat at some of our favorite places. From 2 golf course parking lots to a friend’s driveway and an RV park overlooking NYC, #diegotherv got the grand tour.Here’s a recap of the week.

Day 145 – Are you sure it’s $42?

We left our little campground spot in PA and headed for the BIG APPLE. First stop – the Bronx to play Trump Golf Links in Ferry Point on Tuesday. Driving the RV in NYC traffic wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d anticipated but the tolls were a different story. Even with 2 axles, crossing the George Washington bridge was $42. They really getcha for having 4 tires on the back axle.

Day 146 – Golfing with city views

Jordan was up with the sun scoping the golf course and taking in all the city views before our round. His friend, Chris from high school, drove from Jersey to join us for the round and hung out in the RV to catch up after. Once traffic lightened up a bit after the 5 PM rush hour, we headed for Long Island to stay in our friend’s driveway which just so happens to be right down the road from Bethpage – our next course on our list! It took us a lot longer to get there than we planned because there are a lot of low clearance bridges on pretty major roadways in Long Island. Finding alternate routes was really fun to navigate (said no one ever).

Day 147 – Home sweet Long Island

We had the perfect little setup at our friend’s house. They opened their doors like we were family. Just look how perfectly the RV fit in their driveway! Ella got to hang out with their pup for a few days which meant lots of walks in the neighborhood. My favorite part was enjoying their pool and getting some work done. It was perfect weather but the water was too cold to get in so we were pretty productive with our to-do lists.

Day 148 – Tent camping in the parking lot

We took the morning to relax and shower up then headed for the Bethpage parking lot to camp for the night with other people who wanted an early tee time on Friday. We rolled up at 2 PM and there were already 3 cars in front of us. We got the 4th spot (yes, they are numbered) and hung out for the rest of the day.

The boys had a good time talking golf which I don’t know a whole lot about despite the fact that we’re on the #ultimategolfroadtrip. Around 11:30 PM, our friend Rob finally arrived from Florida. He hung a HAMMOCK to sleep in for the night – one end tied to the RV ladder and the other to a tree. Well, more like to nap in because the staff comes around at 4:15 AM to give everyone bracelets then you get in line to get a tee time. How is this even NORMAL?!?!

Day 149 – 3 hours of sleep and Golf Channel interview

After 3.5 solid hours of sleep, it was time to get our tee time and set up for Jordan’s Golf Channel interview at 5:45 AM. You can check it out here. I wasn’t sure how I would do walking a challenging 18 holes after such little sleep but I survived! Bethpage Black was a good time. After lunch, we headed back to our friend’s driveway for some down time.

Day 150 – Wrong turn on the highway – adventure to NYC

WHAT A BUSY, CRAZY (mostly good) DAY! I got up super early again to do a photo shoot with my friends on the beach! It was SO pretty as you can see. Then it was time to say goodbye to Long Island and head for the city. We anticipated a 1.5 hour drive to get to Liberty Harbor RV park with 1 errand on the way. Only problem, we turned onto an entrance ramp to a major highway that had really low bridges under 10 feet clearance. We had to stop on the entrance ramp, back up, make a right turn into the grassy area and drive the wrong way to get off the interstate. We wanted to keep our roof intact.  That 1.5 hour trip turned into 3 trying to navigate our little errand (picking up raw dog food for Ella Griggs) and getting around the low clearance bridges.

We FINALLY made it to the RV park in Jersey which overlooks the NYC skyline. It was time for a drink! We got ready really fast and went to meet some friends we haven’t seen in a long time. Watching the sunset over the city on the water with friends and a beer in our hand, is not a bad way to end a crazy day.

Day 151 – NYC photoshoot with friends

I got up early and headed into the city by myself to see some friends while Jordan hung out with the fur babies. They walked me to the PATH on their morning stroll. While I was in Manhattan, Jordan prepped for a little photoshoot later in the day. He looked very dapper roaming the subway and NYC streets if I do say so myself. We met up with a few more friends for a chill take out dinner in their apartment. They were sweet enough to snag a few pictures of the two of us playing in the street along with some good photo bombs. It was like the good ole days when we lived in the city. I sure do miss these people!

It was a really fun week in NYC, not a lot of sleep but it was worth it. We are heading further north this week through Boston and up to Maine to play Belgrade Lakes and cross another National Park off the list.