Day 166 – 172 of the #Ultimategolfroadtrip

The last week has been a much needed break in go-go-go travel on the #ultimategolfroadtrip. #Diegotherv has been parked in Jordan’s parent’s driveway in Pennsylvania while we’ve been soaking up some down time with his family, had some RV friends come to visit, taking care of Miss #Ellagriggs who isn’t feeling well and catching up on work. Here’s a quick little recap!

Lots of family time

Jordan’s family took some time off this week to hang out with us. We only get to see them a few times a year so it was great to have some uninterrupted time to hang out with them. We made the most of it with time at the pool, whiffle ball in the yard, mimosas, cookouts, dinners out, and board games.

Jordan’s 31st birthday 

Since moving away after college, Jordan hasn’t spent a birthday with his family… until this year!! It was awesome getting to spend the whole day with them celebrating our cute birthday boy. Love you babe!

Ella update: vet visit

Miss #ellagriggs has had a host of health issues since we rescued her 3 years ago. Navigating them on the road can be tricky sometimes. Being back in Jordan’s hometown, we prioritized a vet visit for a full check up and to get some solid answers as to why she’s been losing weight. The vet found a few things, nothing crazy, and she’s on some meds to get her back in tip-top shape. We might be spending a little extra time here for further testing which is totally fine with me. Making sure our girl is in good health is more important than rushing off to knock more courses off our list. I mean, just look at that face!

Home court advantage (golf) and catching up on work

Back in his old stomping grounds, Jordan was excited to get out and play some golf at the courses he learned on and with the people he learned with. Tuesday and Wednesday, he played golf with his old coach, some friends, and family members. While he enjoyed the course, I stayed back and got some work done which included lots of recording videos for my team!

Virtual RV friends come to visit

Our friends Heath and Alyssa who have been traveling full time for over 3 years happened to be close by in PA. Since life in an RV can be flexible, they decided to swing by to hang out for a few days. Jordan’s parents have a GREAT RV parking spot on the hill with a view. It was fun having them over for a few days to catch up about life on the road, working virtually, what’s next, cooking out and hanging at the pool!

Even though #deigotherv stayed parked for Week 25, we still had an eventful week with the family. With Ella still needing some tests, we’ll probably see you next week from the same spot!

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