What's in our bags

We’ve been traveling full time since early 2016 and fine tuned our gear to make life on the road a bit easier, help us capture content, and keep us looking stylish on the golf course.

We’ve hand picked each one of the items listed below and only recommend what we personally use and love. There is a "find it here" button located below each product (and sometimes discount codes too!). These buy buttons are affiliate links from Amazon and other awesome companies. An affiliate link simply means that if you click through and purchase (costs you nothing extra) we get a small percentage, too.

If you enjoy and find value in what we do here on The Dapper Drive, shopping through these links is a great way to help us continue creating and sharing content for you!

Camera gear

DJI 3 Professional drone

From golf courses to beach-side campgrounds, we use this drone to capture high-quality images and video from the air. Fly time around 23 minutes and 4K camera.

You can find it here

GPC drone case

If you're going to invest in a drone, it only makes sense to keep it well protected while not in the air. This heavy duty case does just that.

You can find it here

Extra drone battery

Average flight time per battery is around 23 minutes, so having a few extras is key to flying longer to capture the content we need out on the golf course.

You can find it here

Canon 5d Mark iii

We use this camera for most of the golf course images and video you see on the website. It's full frame, fast and gives us high quality imagery.

You can find it here

Canon 24-70mm lens

This is our go to lens 80% of the time on and off the course. The wide angle is great for capturing more of the golf course to zooming in closer to details.

You can find it here

Sigma 35mm lens

With an aperture of 1.4mm, we use this one more in the RV for lower light scenarios. It's sharp and fast.

You can find it here

Canon 70-200mm lens

Brittany uses this one on brand shoots for clothing to really make the background blurry and the clothes stand out. We also use it when traveling to capture wildlife from a distance.

You can find it here

Wireless Shutter Release

This lets us both get in the frame when no one is around to take our picture. And we get to avoid worrying about setting the timer over and over again. Easy to take self portraits.

You can find it here

Tripod and drag head

No matter how steady your hand, the tripod and drag head work wonders for video pans. It's also great for getting us both in the frame when no one else is around to take our picture.

You can find it here

Sony 5100

We use this camera for on the go instead of carrying our bigger Mark iii. It's really great for videos and vlogging. The screen flips up and you can see what you look like on camera.

You can find it here

What's in my golf bag

Titleist golf clubs

I'm not overly bias toward any one equipment brand, but I currently play Titleist clubs throughout the bag.

You can find them here

Titleist Pro V1 x golf balls

My current go-to golf ball. I tend to spin the ball quite a bit, so I play the "X"

You can find them here

Stitch headcovers

Hands down the most fashionable and functional head covers out there.

You can find them here

Bluegrass Fairway yardage book holder

If you're after a handcrafted, genuine leather yardage book holder, this is the one for you.

You can find it here

Douglas Rose leather bags

Hand-crafted Italian leather bags built to withstand the test of time. These are more than just a bags -- they are world-class heirlooms that will carry your stories to the next generation & beyond.

Use code: dapperdrive for 10% off your purchase

You can find them here

Vessel golf bag

Vessel golf bags can be custom designed and personalized for your business/team. I carry a Douglas Rose golf bag, but have a Vessel bag for select marketing purposes!

Save $20 with the link below.

You can find it here

Favorite golf brands


Self-described "disruptive luxury," G/FORE apparel and gear offer a modern take on golf fashion. Bold colors, forward designs and a trim fit define this great brand.

You can shop the line here

Criquet Shirts

A laid-back Austin, Texas based brand that's putting a modern twist on the vintage country club polos of the past. Ideal for an afternoon nine or a backyard BBQ with the boys.

You can shop the line here

AG Green Label

Chic designs and luxury fabric characterize the AG brand. The apparel has a nice trim fit and looks good on and off the golf course. One of my go-to brands.

You can shop the link here


Devereux's tag line "proper threads" is very fitting as this Scottsdale based company has created a line of golf and resort wear with a moderately trim fit.

You can shop the line here

FootJoy Rain Gear

It's not the most fun playing in bad weather, but it's even less fun being unprepared. I believe every golfer needs to invest in top notch rain gear.

Shop the pants here

Shop the jacket here

RV gadgets and upgrades

4 stage converter/battery charger

We upgraded our factory converter to this one so we can get a fully charged battery much faster and efficiently.

You can get it here

(2) 6v Lifeline 220 AH deep cycle batteries

Our factory 12 V battery didn't let us boondock for more than 24 hours without needing to be charged so we upgraded to top of the line battery bank.

You can get it here

Verizon hotspot for internet on the go

A lifesaver? Yes! This is our go-to for internet on the road. We have an unlimited plan, which gives us internet access from just about anywhere.

You can shop it here

Solar lights for boondocking

The perfect solution when you're in need of some extra light! Small, compact and lightweight - these put off a nice amount of light after being charged from the sunlight during the day.

You can get them here

Fantastic fan when there's no AC

When we aren't plugged into electricity (which is often) the AC isn't available to use. To keep cooler air circulating in the RV, we use this for an endless breeze. It keeps us all cool in warm temperatures.

You can shop it here

Solar setup coming soon!


We spend a lot of time out and about, and take our dog Ella every chance we can. However, this camera works perfectly for those times we can't bring her along (i.e. golf course!) The camera works via wifi and can be viewed on your phone. It also has two way voice.

You can get it here

Showerhead to reduce water usage

Filling our RV tanks is always a concern, so we purchased this shower head to reduce water usage to 3 gallons a minute while still offering great water pressure. It saves us from having to constantly fill our RV tanks on the go.

You can shop it here

Water faucet knobs to reduce water usage

This is a cheap upgrade with a big impact. Another great gadget for reducing water flow on RV faucets, especially while doing the dishes.

You can get them here


When not plugged into an electrical source, only our DC plugs draw from the battery. This inverter lets us use some of our AC powered gear like computer chargers.

You can get it here

TV Antenna

We tend to watch more Netflix than traditional TV, but this antenna allows us to get the channels and watch our favorite shows live from time to time.

You can shop it here

Battery powered fan

Small fans ideal for helping air circulation on those warmer days. Opening the windows and placing a fan near them helps to keep the RV cool without having to be plugged in.

You can get them here

Website and Blogging

Bluehost - purchase domain

We purchased our domain/website address with Bluehost.

You can get yours here.


We use Flywheel to host our site. They specialize in WordPress hosting, have great customer service and way faster page loads than any other host we've used!

Get better hosting here!