Path to Professional Golf: November 11th 2015 Update

Professional Golf

It’s been about two months since I last posted about my path to professional golf, so I wanted to provide a quick update.

Other than a few one-day charity events, I haven’t played in any individual tournaments since mid-September.  Around that time, I began working with a Charlotte based instructor.  The goal?  Make a few enhancements to the swing and elevate all facets of my game to be ready for the winter/spring mini-tour season.

We felt some time focusing on implementing the changes on the range and in practice rounds would be the best course of action.  Thus, the brief hiatus from actual tournament play and me calling the practice grounds at Raintree Country Club my second home.  Here’s a video of me working on ripping the driver:


After a few months, we’re seeing good progress.  I’ve been working hard on taking the changes in the long game from the range to the course, but also continue to spend over half my practice time focused on the short game.  It’s important not to lose sight of the part of the game that makes the biggest impact — wedge game, chipping and putting.  Below is a video of me at the range hitting the 130 yard wedge shot.


I’ll continue to put in a lot of time at the course in the coming months, and will likely play in an event in early December to continue preparation for the winter season.  In January, we’ll make our way to the southwest for the winter/spring months, where I’ll be competing on Arizona based mini-tours.  More to come on my plans and schedule in future posts.  In the mean time, check-out how we’ll be living and traveling here.