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The Drive For Dough Challenge

I remember my first competitive high school golf round like it was yesterday. I was a freshman, narrowly making the starting squad and still relatively new to the game. That muggy August afternoon, in the mountains of central Pennsylvania, I began the nerve-filled round with a quintuple bogey and finished with a score of 103. The highest on the team and far from my best.

I felt like a failure, letting the team down and wanting nothing more than to quit – maybe this golf thing wasn’t for me. But after the round, my teammates, golf coach and parents encouraged me, “You’ll get’em next time Griggsy,” and, “Keep at it kiddo, you’ve got potential.”

It was those simple words, from these influential people, that taught me the important lessons needed to persevere, work hard, and maintain confidence in myself. And three years later, I returned to that very same course to shoot 70, and earn the low score in the event.

It’s valuable lessons like these that are learned through golf, but carried through life. And for that reason, we're thrilled to support The First Tee.

And you can too!

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Dapper Drive for Dough Challenge

Donations made to The First Tee as of 8/20/2017

We believe that through the great game of golf, we can positively impact and shape the lives of America’s youth. It’s why we support The First Tee, and why we think you should too.

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Why we support The First Tee 

From the lessons of sportsmanship during times of success to the more impactful and difficult lesson of perseverance after crushing defeat, teaching values like these are instrumental in positively shaping the lives of young people.

So while we’re traveling America with the goal of playing each of Golf Digest’s ranked 100 Greatest Public Courses this year, Brittany and I are also setting our sights on an even bigger mission — using the game of golf to positively impact as many young people as possible.

With that goal in mind, we’re proud to be a supporter of The First Tee — an organization that provides educational programs to young people from all walks of life, instilling life-enhancing values and promoting healthy choices through the game of golf.

How you can help 

We’re asking that you join us in using the great game of golf to help shape the lives of youth by volunteering at your local The First Tee chapter or donating to The First Tee below.

Donations can be made in two ways:

  1. Donate directly to  The First Tee home office here, who do important work like develop curriculum, train coaches across the chapter network, and host national events.
  2. Or directly to your local The First Tee chapter. To find your local chapter click here

The Drive for Dough Challenge

If you’re contemplating a donation, we’re challenging you to make a gift based on how many of the top 100 golf courses you think Brittany and I will travel to and play in 2017! (see our current progress here)  Of course, any donation amount goes a long way toward helping the youth of The First Tee program.

How many Top 100 do you think we'll make it to in 2017?

To kick things off, we’ve donated $100 to our hometown chapter of The First Tee– The First Tee of Greater Charlotte – because we believe we will conquer our quest to play all 100 courses this year!

Thanks in advance for your generosity, and we’re excited to support such a worthy cause!