AG Green Label: Distinctive Style For The Course & Beyond

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Among the countless challenges in golf, there’s one that trumps all for the sartorially spirited golfer — finding stylish apparel that can transition seamlessly from the course to the clubhouse and beyond.  Something that looks as good at dinner with friends, as it does on the links with the bros.

Well my fashionable friends, fret no more.  AG Green Label has delivered.

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AG Green Label was launched in 2015 by the well-known fashion brand, AG.  Although AG may be relatively new to the golf world, there’s a good chance you’re already rocking a pair of premium AG denim jeans in your closet. And who better to create a fashionable golf line than a fashion company?

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AG set out to design the ultimate brand of sportswear, blending fashion and function to compliment the active lifestyle of the modern golfer. In just one year, the brand has nailed it. AG Green Label has created an impeccably sharp look that’s as comfortable as it is fashionable.


The AG Green Label look.
So what makes AG Green Label stand out?  Well, I’m glad you asked. The brand delivers a classic look with a modern twist, focusing on fit, performance and quality.  The finest premium fabrics used allow for full range of motion when ripping drives on par 5s, all while still providing the ever important tailored fit.


One of my favorite aspects of the AG Green Label brand is the variety of options within the line.  Crisp colors and varying textures lend to the enjoyment of mixing and matching the endless combinations of polos, trousers, sweaters and accessories.

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Though you’ll find plenty of satisfaction in pairing clean fitting polos with well-tailored trousers, watch your outfit really come alive with the variety of head-turning belts and the ingenious pin crushable hat (available in June 2016).


So, next time you find yourself 20-minutes from that downtown dinner reservation while still standing on the 18th tee, there’s no need to worry.  Finish strong before swapping the spikes for shoes, and head straight for cocktail hour.

AG Green Label has you covered. On the course, and beyond.



Loving the AG Green Label style? Here’s a look at the styles above (listed from first to last image).

Look 1: Paulsen Polo (Bright White) | Slim Khahki Sport Luxe Trousers (Point 3 Conception Blue) |
Flagship Belt (Bright White) | Pin Crushable Hat (Bright White)

Look 2: Bryant Polo (Cavier) | Graduate Trousers (Bright White) | Gaucho Belt (Cavier) | Pin Crushable Hat (Cavier)

Look 3: Paulsen Polo (Bright White) | Graduate Trousers (Cavier) | Gaucho Belt (Cavier) | Pin Crushable Hat (Cavier)

Look 4: Ackers Polo (Naval Blue) | Canyon Short (Bright White) | Flagship Belt (Naval Blue) | Pin Crushable Hat (Bright White)

Look 5: Paulsen Polo (Quiet Grey) | Slim Khahki Sport Luxe Trousers (Point 3 Conception Blue) |
Flagship Belt (Bright White) | Pin Crushable Hat (Bright White)

Look 6: Baker 3/4 Zip Pullover (Naval Blue) | Graduate Trousers (Quiet Grey) | Gaucho Belt (Shark) | Pin Crushable Hat (Bright White)

Look 7: Paulsen Polo (Parisian Blue) | Slim Khahki Sport Luxe Trousers (Mirage Grey) | Gaucho Belt (Shark) | Pin Crushable Hat (Bright White)

Look 8: Paulsen Polo (Bright White) | Graduate Trousers (Naval Blue) | Flagship Belt (Bright White) | Pin Crushable Hat (Bright White)

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  1. Sherry on September 19, 2016 at 9:22 pm

    I especially enjoyed this post because you look terrific in all of these fabulous AG Green Label clothes!