Episode 3: Bay Hill Club

As we arrived at Bay Hill Club, the property was presented just as you’d expect — modest and understated, but with a bit of charm.


I never had the chance to meet Arnold Palmer, but I imagine that’s exactly how he wanted it. A welcoming club without the flash or pretension that often accompany some of today’s best.

A place where members and guests alike could wander the hallowed halls while marveling at the historic events of the golfing past.

The golf course itself may well be described best by one of Mr. Palmer’s famed quotes: “deceptively simple, yet endlessly complicated.”

There are no tricks or gimmicks, however perfectly placed bunkers opposite of generous water hazards and shaved runoffs to compliment the many subtle breaks on the slightly elevated greens argue for the endless complication of the game.

Aside from some great golf holes and a stellar finish, the coolest part of the round is most definitely the feeling you have while on the course. The place just feels special.

Perhaps its the history of those who’ve played there, or the championships won. Or, perhaps, Arnie’s warm presence is as near as ever.

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  1. Peru Ramsauer on February 3, 2017 at 2:37 pm

    Living the dream I’d say, enjoy