Episode 24: Turning Stone Resort

Set amidst the rolling hills and rustic farmhouses of central New York is the premier Turning Stone Resort. Though the resort offers a myriad of luxurious accommodations and entertainment activities, we made the voyage here to explore what else, the golf! With three golf courses — including two ranked as top 100 publics — we…

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UGRT Round 33: Belgrade Lakes Golf Club

Somewhere between the 4:55am sunrise wake-up call, 18-holes played alongside our dog Ella, and lengthy chats with partner Kyle and head pro Andy, I realized if there were ever a single golf club I could see myself joining forever, Belgrade Lakes Golf Club would be it. Why? Well, Belgrade Lakes Golf Club is everything I love…

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Best Ball in Golf: Why I Play the Titleist Pro V1x

#1 ball in golf. Titleist

On a typical steamy mid-August morning at White Deer Golf Complex, I arrived early to spend a few hours grinding in the hot central Pennsylvania sun. Wedge ladder drills on the range, flops shots and bump-and-runs around the greens, and clock putting drills were all in a morning’s work.  One by one my high school…

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An Inside Look: Titleist Golf Ball Plant Tour


Cruising north along the southern coast of Connecticut, with the acoustics of Dave Matthews and an afternoon cup of french-pressed coffee setting the tone, excitement level was off the charts. We had just experienced golf at two New York City public golf greats – newcomer Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point and the famed Bethpage…

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Episode 23: The Dapper Drive Takes on NYC

best golf hole in NYC

Few places in the world stir more anticipation and excitement than New York City. The streets bustling, smells of restaurants inviting, and buzz of never-ending excitement always in the air. Most visit for Broadway, shopping, or the Statue of Liberty, but as we rediscovered on our recent stop in NYC for the Ultimate Golf Road…

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UGRT – Round 32: Bethpage Black

bethpage black

In a dark, dimly lit parking lot, a few dozen grown men stand patiently waiting in front of their respective vehicles, huddled in groups of four. It’s nearly summer, but the chill of the early-morning New York air still yields faintly visible breath. Sleep deprived eyes pivot from bright cell phone screens to the parking lot…

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UGRT – Round 31: Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point

ferry point golf course

Crawling toward the far right toll lane amidst a dense late-afternoon traffic, a thick New York accent peered out the tiny booth and asked, “Dual wheels? That’ll be $42 dollas’. ” Ouch! As we coughed up the ridiculously expensive toll for the right to steer Diego, our 24-foot Winnebago View RV, across the George Washington Bridge, the memories…

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UGRT – Round 30: Bulle Rock

Bulle Rock Golf course

Passing through the entrance gate, under a quaint stone archway supporting the railroad tracks above, the introduction to Bulle Rock begins before you even step out of your car.  Flanking either side of road, Bulle Rock presents a preview of what’s to come on the course, with unencumbered views of the front nine finishing holes to the left, and back…

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UGRT – Round 29: Nemacolin Woodlands Resort (Mystic Rock)

couples resort

Expect the unexpected. At Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, that tag-line holds oh-so-true. It’s hard to believe that growing-up in Pennsylvania, I knew very little about the Nemacolin property and Mystic Rock golf course. True, my hometown of Williamsport is nearly 4-hours away, but how could a golf-loving soul not know more about this place!  During our…

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UGRT – Round 28: Virtues Golf Club

As I hopped in a cart and made my way from pro shop to driving range, winding past the perched practice putting green and motoring alongside the expansive clubhouse, a look to the right revealed one of the best views of the property. An unencumbered glimpse of the valley below, home to the finishing holes in the foreground, and endless countryside beyond. Welcome to…

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