J. Lindeberg: Elevating Golf Fashion

What do international fashion runways, alpine ski championships, and stylish golf apparel have in common? Well, everything when it comes to J. Lindeberg.

I first stumbled upon the J. Lindeberg brand in 2011 while wandering the fashion-filled streets of New York City’s SoHo district. Drawn toward the sleek designs and trim fits, I cemented the brand as a worthy player in the bid for my next suit. What I didn’t realize as I exited that SoHo store, was that J.Lindeberg had been utilizing those same ideals in a golf line for years.

I quickly learned that J. Lindeberg was in the midst of pioneering a modern movement in golf, crafting a golf apparel line with a fashion “heartbeat”. Redefining golfers as stylish athletes meant the adoption of trimmer silhouettes and top notch performance driven fabrics.

fashionable golf

One Mission: Fashion & Function

Today, the Scandinavian fashion house has one simple mission: to bridge the gap between fashion and function. For all my fellow fashion-loving golfers out there, this is music to our ears.

So how is J. Lindeberg doing it? By elevating their focus on fit and fabrics, all while continuing to push the boundaries with luxurious detailing and fashion-forward designs.

J. Lindeberg golf fashion

Field Testing: J. Lindeberg Golf Apparel

I recently did a little field testing of my own, taking to the golf course to put the J. Lindeberg Fall 2017 golf gear to the test. Simply put: J. Lindeberg golf apparel is on another level.

J. Lindeberg golf apparel

Sleek Designs
Not surprisingly, the design element was the first thing to catch my eye. Made up of solids, prints, and contemporary patterns, each piece has a bit of a fashion forward feel to it — especially by often conservative golf standards. Clean lines make for sleek-looking pieces throughout, while a closer look shines light on the many design details. Double-zippers, underarm vents, and bonded chest pockets are but a few examples of detailing that helps to elevate the apparel.

fashionable golf apparel

Trim Fit, Fantastic Fabrics
As you’d expect from a European designer, the fit is impeccable. I went with the Slim fitting polos and trousers — ideal for a trim, tailored look. For those wanting a little more room, J. Lindeberg also offers a Regular fit, too.

Of all the different elements, the highly technical fabrics may stand out the most. The apparel spans a broad spectrum of fabrics, including cottons, twills, knits, and modern-technical blends.

Whether it be the Jersey+ Cooling Polo, featuring moisture managment, anti-odor treatment, and UV protection, or the Cotton Poly Polo, boasting an exclusive cotton blend for a super soft, comfortable feel, each product touts exceptional performance — no matter what the fabric of choice.

Unmatched Function
Functional golf apparel begins with a savvy design, and ends with technically sounds fabrics. The combination allows for that great looking, trim fit, all while allowing – and even elevating – overall on-course performance (aka function). Thanks to it’s thought leadership and focus on superior fabrics, the functionality of J. Lindeberg’s apparel is fantastic.

Case in point? The Mixed Hybrid Jacket.

While many (often bulky) outerwear pieces hinder mobility (and thus function), the Mixed Hybrid Jacket utilizes a primaloft insulation on the body of the jacket for warmth, and a lightweight nylon fabric on the arms to ensure full range of motion and increased mobility. It’s smart combinations like this throughout the line that have J. Lindberg well on their way to bridging that fashion to function gap.

Final Thoughts 

J. Lindberg continues to breathe life into the golf industry, leveraging their prowess in the fashion world to create an elevated lineup of luxury golf apparel. If you’re interested in a fashionable golf line that looks as good as it performs, look no further than J. Lindeberg.

After all, fashion is part of their DNA.

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