The Golfer’s Journal: Why Subscribing is a Must

A forth of the way into my initial read of The Golfer’s Journal I quickly realized: this was no ordinary golf magazine.

There are no swing tips. No instructional drills, no how-to’s. No quick tips or swing fixes. You won’t find equipment reviews, and don’t even think about a hot list. Instead, each of the 124 sturdy pages are filled with intriguing, well-written golf stories accompanied by creative, captivating imagery.

After reading it cover to cover, I was quick to draw this bold conclusion: The Golfer’s Journal might just be the best golf magazine I’ve ever read.

The Golfer's Journal

Golf In It’s Purest Form

The Golfer’s Journal tagline – “Golf in it’s purest form” – aptly describes the page-turning content inside the inaugural issue. If you love interesting golf tales, and fascinating golf-related stories, you’ll love this magazine. The variety of articles and breadth of storytelling lead to an elevated reading experience, while it’s construction yields more thoughts of a hard-back book than flimsy magazine.

From short, comical pieces — like one detailing a golfer’s horror when his traveling companion insists on bringing his push cart to Ireland, to longer-form gems — like that written about a journey to a long-lost Scottish course designed by Old Tom Morris himself, The Golfer’s Journal delivers a myriad of interesting, entertaining and down-right fun reads. Enhancing each of these fascinating articles are high-quality imagery, helping to craft each story in the minds of readers.

A few other stories you can expect in volume I? The unexpected tale of a seasoned caddy in Colorado; the detailing of a voyage to discover Tijuana’s only golf course; and an examination of the different fortunes of muni’s across America all come to mind as page-turning gems.

Best magazine in golf. Golfer's Journal

For the true lover of the game looking for a publication void of excessive commercial ads and full of unique golf stories worth reading, The Golfer’s Journal has come to the rescue.

How to Get Your Hands on The Golfer’s Journal

The Golfer’s Journal is a quarterly magazine, with issues released in the Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.  Subscriptions start from $75 per year (4 issues) and can be started with the currently released issue (Summer 2017) or the upcoming issue (Fall 2017).

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Best golf magazine. New Golf magazine

A Final Note

After reading the inaugural issue and really connecting with the ethos of the magazine, I made the decision to become a brand ambassador* for The Golfer’s Journal. If you’re a regular reader of The Dapper Drive, you know I only stand behind and recommend brands I truly believe in.

You won’t find me pushing products or begging you to check out the latest craze. But, I will share with you, and advocate for, brands I connect with and believe are worthy of a look.

The Golfer’s Journal mission is something I can get behind, and the craftsmanship, quality, creativity and journalism are unlike any other. For these reasons, I believe The Golfer’s Journal is definitely worth your time.

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or to chat further about The Golfer’s Journal. 


*As a brand ambassador for The Golfer’s Journal, I may receive a small portion of subscription fees when purchased through my affiliate link.