Master Your Labor Day Golf Look

There’s something about American holidays that invoke an innate desire to dress head-to-toe in red, white and blues. I too am all about celebrating our great nation’s holidays (like Labor Day), but I’d like to propose we do it with a little style. Before you go running to your closet – throwing on the first patriotic-themed apparel you can find – consider honoring this American holiday with a more dapper presence.

For most of us golfers, Labor Day translates to an opportunity to snag a weekday round, be it dew sweeping or sun chasing. Here’s a glimpse at my picks for the holiday, along with a few general tips for looking good on the course this weekend.

{See below post for outfit details}

1) Tone it down: While there seems to be a temptation to pair a bright red shirt with equally as vibrant bottoms, an understated base can create a starting point for a bold statement. Save the American Flag shorts for Ryder Cup tailgating festivities and turn to a more neutral pair of bottoms for your round this weekend. Think navy or white to start things right.

2) Build around the base: Once you’ve got a solid foundation, find a polo that’s got just enough color and creativity to catch a few eyes. Stripes or patterned polos (featuring some USA colors of course) will pair nicely with the solid bottoms.

GFORE apparel

3) Accessorize to add a pop: Now it’s time to bring this look to life. There’s no easier way to add a little flair than to throw on a colored golf glove. You’ve got free reign to go bold here, as it will accent the rest of the outfit nicely. Go one step further by adding an appropriately themed head cover or two.

stitch bondsman headcover

Enjoy the Labor Day round!

Outfit Details

Shorts: GFORE Club Stretch Shorts
Polo: GFORE Stripped Polo
Shoes: GFORE Longwing Gallivanter
Glove: GFORE Collection Glove (Scarlet)
Head cover: Stitch Golf Bonesman Knit
Yardage book holder: Blue Grass Fairways