What to Wear to The Masters

best clothes for the masters

It’s without a doubt, one of the greatest golf week’s of the year: Masters’ week. For many, the various and vibrant shades of green at Augusta National signify the official start of the golf season. Snow ridden states begin to thaw (we hope), golf clubs emerge from months of hibernation, and office productivity plunges as…

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5 Holiday Golf Gifts for the Stylish Golfer

holiday golf gifts

Each year, golfers across the globe fight the late-fall chill to squeeze in what may be their final round of the season. Aside from a few warm-weather places enjoying year-round play, the holiday season signifies the end is near for many. Other than that spring golf getaway (which seems lightyears away), there can be little to…

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Master Your Labor Day Golf Look

stylish golf apparel

There’s something about American holidays that invoke an innate desire to dress head-to-toe in red, white and blues. I too am all about celebrating our great nation’s holidays (like Labor Day), but I’d like to propose we do it with a little style. Before you go running to your closet – throwing on the first…

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Summer’s Shoe Choice: GFORE Disruptors

GFORE Disruptors

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of GFORE golf shoes. With loads of straight-out-of-the-box comfort and a style unlike any other, what’s not to love? My collection of Gallivanter’s admittedly may be getting a little out of control, but I’m placing partial blame on Mossimo (GFORE’s creatively fueled founder) for cranking out so…

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A Master(s) Guide to Spring Style

It’s without a doubt, one of the greatest golf weeks of the year: Masters week. Blooming Georgia azaleas, vibrant shades of green, and a bustling Augusta National Golf Club signify the official start of the golf season. Snow ridden states begin to thaw (we hope), golf clubs emerge from months of hibernation, and office productivity…

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Is Expensive Rain Gear Worth The Investment?

golf rain gear

Of the many pricey investments for the golf season, waterproof rain gear probably doesn’t top your list of most desirable items. Instead, your internet browser’s likely cluttered with links to the latest and greatest golf technology. But before you sink $400 into another driver, let’s paint a picture. It’s 6AM and you awake in the quaint…

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The Kiltie Golf Shoe: A Nod To The Scots

brogue kiltie golf shoe

Strolling the halls of country clubs and municipals alike, there’s no doubt you’ll find golfers wearing a variety of shoes. The traditional saddle-style, athletic and sneaker-looking shoes, some classic white wing-tips, and maybe even a high-top or two are likely to make an appearance. But, how about a kiltie? Okay, perhaps there are a few…

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The New Rules for White Pants

white pants for golf

From the moment I purchased my first pair, I’ve loved rocking white pants on the golf course. Not only are they super sharp and offer an elevated look, but they photograph really well on the course, too (okay, maybe that’s not as important, but you’ll certainly look good in your next Insta post). As clutch…

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Duel Zippers: Understanding Your Golf Outerwear

golf outerwear duel zippers

If you’re the type of golfer that braves the elements to tee-it-up in just about any weather, you’ve probably noticed golf outerwear — namely rain gear, thermal jackets and outer shells — usually each have duel zippers. Wondering what that second zipper is used for or how to most effectively wear that jacket? You’re not…

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The Shawl Collar: Not Just for Tuxedos

GFORE shawl collar sweater

If you’re a sartorially inclined lad, chances are the mere mention of a shawl collar sends your mind racing to the tuxedo. And rightfully so. The shawl lapel made is migration from smoking jackets to tuxedos over a century ago, and it’s only gained in popularity as hollywood’s elite and style-conscious superstar athletes both look to…

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