Life On The Road Intro: Our 1st Year As Full-Time RVers

Introducing the new Life on the Road section of The Dapper Drive blog!

For our inaugural post, we’ve produced this video to share about our love for travel, why we started this section (minute 1:20), and to recap 2016 – our first year of RV travel (minute 4:40).

Why start this section?

If you’re a regular, you know we’re all about golf.  Sharing the unique stories of remarkable golf courses and stylish golf brands to help you plan your next great golf trip and look good doing so.

Well, for us, golf and travel go hand-in-hand. As full-time travelers, we live and travel year-round in our 30 foot, renovated travel trailer. It’s provided an entirely new experience and perspective that we want to share with you!

Thus, the creation of the Life on the Road, where we’ll share insights, experiences and behind the scenes looks at what full-time travel by camper looks like.

We hope you enjoy the video and look forward to sharing our 2017 travel plans soon … it’s going to be epic!


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