New Year, New (Golf) Gear

The holidays are long over and spring, in many places, feels beyond far off. February is always tough on our golfing souls, as winter drags on and few places offer a real chance to tee it up. A few simulator swings here and there may be all that’s keeping your golf swing alive, but with…

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5 Must Have Golf Shorts For Summer

The US Open’s behind us which means summer golf season is kicking into full swing. Golfer’s everywhere rejoice as days stretch longer, the sun shines just a little brighter, and (hopefully) the clubs get more action than ever. As we gear up for the warmer (okay, hot) days ahead, the performance trousers that have served…

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A Father-Son Golf Retreat at Reunion Resort

Reunion Resort

Among the ways to connect with our fathers, I’d argue golf is far and away the best. Sporting events have their merits and other recreational activities can work too, but how can you beat four uninterrupted hours outside, catching up on life and reminiscing about days of old, all while high-fiving incredible shots and unlikely…

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French Lick Resort: A Historic Golf Destination

french lick

Standing on a small platform adjacent to the breathtaking West Baden Springs Hotel, Brittany and I watched as what appeared to be an early-1900s trolley car turned the nearby corner and slowly chugged toward us. “Wow, how cool is this?” I said to her, as the conductor slowed the train and welcomed us aboard. A…

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An Inside Look at Golf Channel Studios

golf channel studios

Back in January, I shared a behind the scenes look at my first experience on the Golf Channel’s Morning Drive (read more about that here).  At the time, Brittany and I were just embarking on the Ultimate Golf Road Trip and appeared on the show to talk about the trip itinerary, goals, and how exactly we’d manage…

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Renovated Camper Tour: Our 2016 Home on Wheels

It’s no secret that camper interior designs have never been the most fashionable.  While companies are definitely upping their games to produce more modern, trendy designs today, the 2007 28-foot travel trailer we purchased in October 2015 definitely needed some lovin’. Cue the camper renovation. In fall 2015, we poured our hearts into a 2.5…

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Life On The Road Intro: Our 1st Year As Full-Time RVers

full time RV

Introducing the new Life on the Road section of The Dapper Drive blog! For our inaugural post, we’ve produced this video to share about our love for travel, why we started this section (minute 1:20), and to recap 2016 – our first year of RV travel (minute 4:40). Why start this section? If you’re a regular, you…

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Westward Bound: Our First Weeks on the Road

gBelts hat and belt

After months of planning, practicing, and camper renovations, my wife Brittany and I (along with our dog, Ella, and cat, Penelope) finally embarked on our cross-country voyage on January 3rd. Though there were some nerves and uncertainties for the trip — pulling a 30-foot camper across the country was certainly a new item on the resume…

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Westward Bound: Making The Move To Full-Time Camper Living

Travel Trailer

The year of 2015 has certainly been one of big change.  In May, I left the financial industry to pursue my dream of playing professional golf. I’ve spent the last 5 months working to elevate my golf game, putting in countless hours of practice and competing in tournaments throughout the summer as an amateur. The end goal, of course,…

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Charming Charleston: Exploring the Historic City

Francis Marion Hotel Room View

To say I’m slightly partial to Charleston, South Carolina may be an understatement.  Since moving to the Southern US, Charleston has served as the destination of choice for frequent weekend getaways for Brittany and me.  We even decided to have our wedding in this great city last September.  The unforgettable experiences and poignant memories the historic city holds will undoubtably…

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