Redvanly: Introducing Athluxury Apparel For The Course

On a crisp, spring Saturday morning in Manhattan, a slowly rising sun illuminates the fashion-shop lined West Village streets. Early morning joggers emerge from every corner as the vibrant chirps of awakening birds liven the scene.

A duffle bag clad gym goer crosses the still sleeping NYC streets, while a pair of stylish golf course-bound dew sweepers toss their clubs into a cabbie’s rear seat. It’s just past dawn and much of Manhattan has likely just called it a night in the city that never sleeps, but the always hungry, athletic-minded individuals are already on the rise. And so too, is Jersey City based Redvanly.

If you’re plugged into the golf fashion world, chances are you’ve heard of this up-and-coming, sporty apparel brand. If not, it’s time you’re properly introduced. Redvanly may be just three years young, but I’m convinced their clean designs, unique fabrics, and savvy fit are poised to shake-up the athletic apparel market. And while their elevated polos can (and should) be worn for any number of aforementioned athletic activities, they couldn’t be more perfect for the golf course.

Photo Credit: Ryan Barnett

Golf’s “Athluxury” Apparel

With it’s headquarters a stones throw from the most fashionable city in the US, it’s no surprise Redvanly was able to successfully create high-end apparel with an athletic sense…”athluxury”, as we’ll call it. Unlike many athletic apparel companies who’s less than comfortable performance fabrics and often boxy fit leave much to be desired, Redvanly raises the bar with the creation of their high-end performance polo.

redvanly athletic apparel

The concept stems from the brand’s belief that athletic apparel can — and should — look stylish, enhance performance, and feel comfortable while playing your desired sport. If you’re the athletic-type, live an active lifestyle and desire a higher-end apparel, there’s no doubt this brand’s for you.

Redvanly’s use of luxury fabrics fused with athletic-inspired performance characteristics make for a line of athluxury apparel that’s truly cross-functional among any number of sports. The Redvanly polos are great on the course, but work just as well on the tennis court, in the yoga studio, or simply for a run.

best performance golf polo

Formidable Fabrics + Fit

The term “performance” gets thrown around a lot in today’s age of technically advanced fabrics, but I’m here to tell you not all are alike. It takes a bit of digging to understand what sets one apart from the next, but the ultimate test is really quite simple: try it on and test the shirt for yourself. So, that’s exactly what I did.

A little testing and it was clear that Redvanly’s polos are unique. One round in the Henchman Polo and the buttery soft fabric felt unlike any performance polo I had tried on before. Most good performance fabrics do their job in breathability and moisture management, but it’s rare for one to boast such a soft feel.

Photo Credit: Ryan Barnett

I learned that the secret lies in a unique blend of polyester (a common fabric) and Tencel (a not so common fabric), which turns out to be the softest fiber in the world. The combination yields a rare softness that I’ve yet to experience in any other performance polo. This means you’ll get the softness found in an organic cotton shirt with the performance properties of athletic apparel. Plenty of breathability, stretch and free range of motion on the course.

In my continuous search for well-fitting brands (trust I wouldn’t suggest anything less), the Redvanly polos tout a reasonably trim fit, while still providing some room for any athletic endeavor you might dive into. The body length is of note, which strikes a great balance in being long enough to tuck in on the course, but short enough to untuck for the right activity or occasion.

A Few Design Favorites

One look at Redvanly’s full line of polos and it’s evident the brand embodies a modern flavor of clean, colorful designs. Color-block shirts like the Charles Polo highlight the more progressive options, while the Endicott Polo is ideal for those seeking a more conservative look. Along with the varying designs, I love the variety of color options that really allow for some unique and differing looks across the line.

redvanly performance polo

The addition of print options like the Thatcher Polo and Henchman Polo in the recently launched spring-summer 2018 collection might just be my go-to piece this summer. Paired with a solid, lightweight trouser and a fun hat, the Henchman Polo highlights a really crisp overall look.

Photo Credit: Ryan Barnett

Final Thoughts

Adding a touch of luxury to the traditional athletic-wear, Redvanly has created an elevated line of “athluxury” apparel. If you dig the unparalleled performance of technical polos, but yearn for a softer feel, give this up-and-coming brand a try. Their polos carry a touch of comfort and style, and are ideal for smoking 300-yard drives.

redvanly golf performance


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