Summer’s Shoe Choice: GFORE Disruptors

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of GFORE golf shoes. With loads of straight-out-of-the-box comfort and a style unlike any other, what’s not to love? My collection of Gallivanter’s admittedly may be getting a little out of control, but I’m placing partial blame on Mossimo (GFORE’s creatively fueled founder) for cranking out so many great styles!

From the simplicity of the Collection Gallivanter to the formal-feel of the Tuxedo Gallivanter (and everything in between), I’ve yet to find a better blend of style and comfort than the Gallivanter’s provide. I like them with shorts, love them with pants, and the endless options mean they can accent — or be the centerpiece of — just about any outfit.

As much as I dig the Gallivanters, the street savvy GFORE Disruptors have my heart for the summer.

GFORE Disruptors

Disruptor Details

The introduction of the GFORE Disruptors caught my eye last year, though I clung tight to my personal preference of a more classic-looking golf shoe. Slowly but surely though I warmed-up to the idea of a street-style golf shoe, and I’m glad I did.

I just recently picked-up a pair of the Patriot Disruptors and after just a few rounds, I’m convinced this is the perfect golf shoe for summer. Fusing popular street fashion with golf, these shoes offer a more casual look for the laid-back summer months. They look great with shorts, and with their patented spike-less bottom, can easily be worn off the course as desired.

The Disruptors are as comfortable as you’d expect from a street shoe, with the same padded interior and washable, cushiony foam inserts as the Gallivanters. I didn’t initially find them quite as comfy as the Gallivanters, but after a few walking rounds they were quickly broken-in and turned out to be just as comfortable as my go-tos. Add in 100% waterproof leather and not even those late-afternoon thunderstorms can spoil your round this summer. Well, no promises on that, but at least your feet will be dry.

Street Swagger

In a game that’s evolving, so too should it’s style. Paired with anything from a crisp-white short to a more bold pattern, the GFORE Disruptors bring a simply, yet stylish look to the course. The simplicity of the shoe makes it a versatile choice, while the colorful “FORE PLAY” bottoms bring an added fun vibe.

Though you’ll still find me cruising around plenty in Gallivanters, be sure the Patriot Disruptors will see plenty of summer action, too.

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