Sprint to Streamsong – Episode 2: Golf In A National Park

After two days in the northeast, we headed started our journey south with a stop at our nation’s capital. There’s a lot of amazing private course in Washington D.C., but at the savvy advice of Sugarloaf Social Club, we instead opted for a historic public gem just steps from Capital Hill.

East Potomac Golf Course might not look like much — it’s a little rough around the edges and browned-out in the winter months — but this course is as unique as they come. Where else will you find budget-conscious jean-wearing golfers hitting balls next to suit clad lawmakers? Ahh, the beauty of East Potomac.

On this gloriously nice December day (temps hit 50-degrees!), we watched low-flying military choppers zip up-and-down the Potomac, welcomed the nearby clamoring city streets, gawked at the endless monument and memorial views, and even spotted a bald eagle. Quite the checklist for one afternoon. Watch all the action in the Sprint to Streamsong Episode 2 below.

  • East Potomac Golf Course, Washington, D.C. // Established 1921, Blue Course designed in Walter Travis. There are also two 9-hole courses and a miniature golf course (Built in 1930 making it one of the oldest in the US). East Potomac Golf Course is a public facility that sits in East Potomac National Park.


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  1. Christian Rautenstrauch on February 6, 2018 at 4:21 pm

    This is the worst golf course ever.

    • Jordan Griggs on February 6, 2018 at 11:15 pm

      Interesting take, Christian. If your judging on conditions alone, you’re missing the bigger picture of what enjoying a round of golf is all about!