Golf in a Scarf: Staying Stylish & Warm

As a die hard golfer, I’m always on the look-out for gear to combat the myriad of elements we face on the course — especially in the cold, windy winter months. A tight-fitting body armor, warm layering piece and impenetrable outerwear are each necessary to keep warm (more on my go-to winter golf gear here), but a few recent sub-40 degree rounds reminded me of the struggle to keep an exposed neck and face toasty, too.

Enter the scarf.

golf scarf

Yes, I’m talking about those same scarves you don with your topcoat before trudging out into the blustery winter days. But why reserve them exclusively for your off-course wardrobe? Their functionality can be equally well utilized on a chilly golf day, while adding an unexpected pop of style to your on-course look, too. Though you won’t find any golf apparel companies stocking their shelves with these (yet, anyway), you don’t need to. Reach into that coat closet of yours and snatch one of the many you likely (or should!) already own.

best scarf for winter

How to wear it

There are a ton of different way to wear a scarf out on the town, but you’ll want to stick with a basic wrap-around method for use on the course. Drape the scarf around your neck with one end hanging lower than the other. Wrap the longer end around your neck once, and tuck the ends into your vest or jacket. This will keep your neck covered, allow you to pull it up over your nose if desired, and keep the scarf from impeding your swing. (Note: For longer scarves, you may need to wrap both ends around your neck once).

Not only will the scarf help to keep your otherwise exposed neck and face ultra-warm, but it’s another stylish accessory to add into the mix. Go with a neutral navy or black to blend in with your outerwear, or reach for a brightly colored or fun design to stand out.

Own the Look

Either way, people are going to take notice. You’ll be pushing the norm here, which is often met by resistant naysayers. Pay them no attention, and own it. Because as the wind blows and their their chapped cheeks shine bright, expect even those less stylishly inclined naysayers to fall in line.

winter golf gear


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