Duel Zippers: Understanding Your Golf Outerwear

If you’re the type of golfer that braves the elements to tee-it-up in just about any weather, you’ve probably noticed golf outerwear — namely rain gear, thermal jackets and outer shells — usually each have duel zippers. Wondering what that second zipper is used for or how to most effectively wear that jacket? You’re not alone. It’s an untouched topic that’s worth a quick discussion.

The second zipper’s functionality certainly isn’t life or death (some jackets have only one zipper, after all), but it does add a bit of extra function and touch of style when used appropriately.

duel zippers


The primary function of the second zipper is actually quite simple: to help the jacket from bunching-up when you take a seat. Golf outerwear is meant to be worn over a polo (and many times a sweater), meaning it’s typically a little bigger/wider. Add that extra width to the fact that jacket bottoms are designed to sit below the waistline, and it’s no surprise they’ll often bunch-up when you sit down.

Use of the second zipper — pulling it an inch or two up from the bottom of the jacket — alleviates this annoying little tendency and allows the jacket to lay more naturally. Even for those who rarely sit down during a round (shoutout to my fellow walkers out there), the pesky bunching occurs every time you crouch down to read a putt.

duel zippers


If you’re jacket’s a little snug around the waistline, the second zipper can add to your comfort by helping create a little extra room. I’ve also found it to be a lifesaver with rain jackets during afternoon showers on warmer days. The thought of throwing on a rain jacket when it’s 80-degrees is no bueno, but pulling that lower zipper up a bit will create some extra ventilation on stuffy days. Better than getting soaking wet!

rain jacket with duel zipper


Aside from the functionality and overall comfort, duel zippers can add a nice touch of style, too. When fully zipped-up, many jackets can look a little boxy and often unflattering. Pulling the second zipper an inch-or-two from the bottom adds some life to the jacket. Similar to leaving the bottom button of a cardigan or waistcoat undone, the separation of a duel-zipper outerwear piece helps to create a more elegant look.

golf outerwear

When in doubt, always take full advantage of the duel zippers on your outerwear. More comfort and added style are a welcomed combination!

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