How To Choose A Winter Golf Vest

Remember those oversized golf vests worn by just about every tour player in the early 2000s? Yeah, me too. As hard as it may be, fashionable golf brands are doing their best to wipe your memory of those regrettably ill-fitting pieces with sleek and stylish modern-day golf vests. Today’s vests function as a necessary outerwear piece to aid in combatting those chilly – or downright cold – days on the course.

down golf vest

So what should you look for?

First and foremost, nail down the type of elements and conditions you want the vest to perform under. Will this be your go-to piece when flurries are threatening to close the course, or simply used to protect against a late-morning chill? Is it expected to fend off a rain storm, or only dawned on the sunniest of days?

Regardless of it’s functional purpose, ensure the vest boasts a trimmer fit with the bottom striking just below the waistline (covering the belt). Because these are deigned to be outerwear pieces, you can expect a little more room to layer a sweater underneath, but shy away from anything overly boxy or too long (again, something that sits just below your belt is ideal). A nice snug fit will not only look better, but it’ll help your body retain even more warmth and heat.

All this warmth while still maintaining the ever important free-range of motion on the course? These really are a modern-day sleeveless wonder. Stick with a basic color if you’re just getting started (black and navy are quite versatile), but for those adding to a vest collection, don’t be afraid to reach for a colorful piece to give your winter wardrobe a little extra pop.

Here are 4 of our favorite golf vests for the colder weather months.

1. The Puffer Vest

The ultimate cold-weather vest, ideal for layering over a warm-sweater on the course. Most are filled with down / feather, making them the warmest of all. Winter days never stood a chance.

Recommended: G/FORE Down Puffer Vest ($275)

golf vest

2. The Light Down Vest

A close cousin of the Puffer, less fill translates to a slimmer appearance while the use of a down blend still makes for a warm piece. With the trimmer silhouette, it’s great for wearing under a jacket.

Recommended: Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Vest ($49.90)

golf vest

3. Quilted Vest

The term quilted simply refers to any run of stitching that combines two or more layers of fabric. Some quilted vests may use down (and be can be puffers), however the popular diamond pattern vests often employ other synthetic fillers. Still quite warm, these patterned designs add a level of elegance, making for an eye-catching (and cozy) addition to the closet.

Recommended: Greyson Sioux Vest ($200)

4. Hybrid Vest

These new-age vests combine warm insulation with light-weight performance materials to yield an ultra-light piece for chilly days on the course. Look for a hybrid vest that provides plenty of insulation where you need it, with accents of other fabrics used throughout.

Recommended: J. Lindeberg Atna Hybrid Vest ($300)

winter golf vest

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