The Kiltie Golf Shoe: A Nod To The Scots

Strolling the halls of country clubs and municipals alike, there’s no doubt you’ll find golfers wearing a variety of shoes. The traditional saddle-style, athletic and sneaker-looking shoes, some classic white wing-tips, and maybe even a high-top or two are likely to make an appearance. But, how about a kiltie?

brogue kiltie golf shoe

Okay, perhaps there are a few old-schoolers at the club who still rock their age-old FJ Classic Kilties, but chances are you’ve likely not see this blast from the past in quite some time. Many of the old greats (think guys like Palmer) used to don the kiltie, but it’s been decades since their styles could also be found in every golf course locker room.

Like many things golf, the Scottish are the ones to thank for kilties. They were a common type of shoe worn in Scotland, and naturally, often worn with kilts. The shoe type refers to the fringe leather panels covering the instep, designed to help keep debris from getting caught in the laces and mud from creeping into the shoe. And because the Scots wore kilts, any shoes with this style of fringe paneling quickly become known as kilties.

Today, the kiltie can be considered more for it’s style than function, though I suppose it caries those same benefits. It may carry a reputation as a shoe for older men, but I’m proposing we ditch that archaic viewpoint and embrace the unique design. Plus, I guarantee you’ve never seen kilties like these before.

kiltie golf shoe

The Double Kiltie Gallivanter

Though very few make kilties anymore, one of my favorite companies has come to the rescue.

Among the many head-turning shoe designs G/FORE has dreamt-up and brought to life, the Double Kiltie Gallivanter makes the short list as an unsuspecting favorite.

Paying homage to the old Scottish tradition, these Gallivanters feature removable kilties that can be laced onto the shoe for a little old-school flare. I for one think they add a great little pop of style and work great with a modern, trim trouser.

kiltie GFORE gallivanter

For those not wanting to go all-in on the Double Kiltie, G/FORE has the Brogue Kiltie Gallivanter. It classic wing-tip design is elevated ever so slightly by an understated kiltie, poking out from under the laces. This subtle detailing works as a unique and welcomed addition to the shoe.

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Though the kiltie may not pick-up steam as a mainstream shoe like the days of the past, it’s a great look to add into your golf shoe arsenal. Looking to turn some heads at the club or make a little statement on your next guys trip? Reach for the kiltie golf shoe.

GFORE kiltie golf shoe


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