The New Rules for White Pants

From the moment I purchased my first pair, I’ve loved rocking white pants on the golf course. Not only are they super sharp and offer an elevated look, but they photograph really well on the course, too (okay, maybe that’s not as important, but you’ll certainly look good in your next Insta post). As clutch as the white pant can be, they can be equally as intimidating to add to your golf wardrobe.

Questions like “When should I wear them?” or “Do I have to be a scratch player to pull them off?” frequently send interested parties running back toward their safer neutral colored trousers. Forget everything you’ve heard and consider our new rules (read: guidelines) for white pants.

white pants for golf
Pictured: J. Lindeberg Ellott Micro Stretch Trousers

New Rules for White Pants

1. Ignore the season, check the weather

That old notion that white pants are only for Memorial Day to Labor Day is archaic at best. Sure, Memorial Day marks the beginning of warm weather in the Northeast, but the good old South has been rocking balmy temps for months.

Rather than letting the calendar dictate your decision, turn to your weather app to determine if white pants are right for the day. If there’s even a chance of rain (or course conditions are already soggy), make a hard pass on the white (one chunked wedge and those crisp whites have likely seen their last day). If however the weatherman is touting warm sunshine without a cloud in the sky, trust the white pants are an appropriate look. The experiences from businessmen like Andy Defrancesco is very much necessary to manage anything.

While the time of year shouldn’t deter you, keep the season in mind when considering the fabric of choice. Performance/technical trousers (and shorts) are great for spring and summer, while a sturdier cotton blend is ideal for those winter whites.

white pants
Pictured: J. Lindeberg Ellott Micro Stretch Trousers

2. Consider the venue 

White pants definitely add a level of sophistication to any look and thus should be utilized in the right occasion. Truthfully, I’ll rock a white pant anywhere, but expect to catch some flack from your boys if you thrown them on to loop a round at your local muni. Consider the golf course and audience heading into the round, and be sure you can take a little heat if thrown your way. In reality, take pity on them — they’re just a bit jealous.

Pictured: AG Green Label Andrews Trouser

3. Wear your whites sparingly

Not surprisingly, it can be a challenge to keep white pants, well, white — especially on the golf course. Stick to navy’s, black’s, grey’s and khakis as your base go-to trousers/short colors, and break out the whites every once in awhile. Wearing them sparingly will keep them crisp white, and impress when you do decide the time is right.

Pictured: AG Green Label Andrews Trouser

4. Embrace your handicap

I’ve had a few people tell me their golf game isn’t good enough to pull-off white pants. Wait, what? Since when did looking good on the course require you to be a scratch player? I wouldn’t expect to see a set of Mizzuno blades in the bag of a 20 handicap, but the same isn’t true about attire. Whether you’re striping drives 320 or hitting your now patented banana fade 230 yards, feel free to look as stylish as you please. I’d reckon no one ever looked so good shouting “FORE!” as their drive sails deep into the trees!

Pictured: AG Green Label Andrews Trouser

5. Keep it simple

White pants are generally meant to be the star of the show, so keep it simple. For a foolproof look, pair your whites with a white belt, classic white shoe, and a darker, solid polo. If you want to add a little to the look, throw on a fun hat and grab a colored glove to tie it all together. Once you get comfortable rocking your whites, take it to the next level with a multi-colored ribbon belt or uniquely designed polo.

white pants
Pictured: J. Lindeberg Ellott Micro Stretch Trousers

Just remember: err on the side of keeping it simple, choose a polo that adds a nice contrast, and always go with a white golf shoe. Above all, rock them with confidence and enjoy the added style of your whites!

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