Winter Golf Gear: 3 Essentials to Staying Stylish and Warm

“Well boys, you should have the golf course all to yourselves today. Stay warm out there.”

As the days grow shorter, leaves disappear and temperatures drop, so too do many golfers. Driving ranges empty and tee sheets open as the fair-weather masses stash their clubs and retire to their cozy living rooms for the year. But for those of us willing to brave the winter elements, firm fairways, quick rounds and lasting memories await.

While winter golf can be a blast, it takes a little more effort to arrive at the course prepared. Cold weather is no joke, especially when you’ll be out in the elements for a few hours at a time. Don your usual polo and sweater combo, and you’ll likely be in the clubhouse sipping hot coco after nine. Conversely, stacking bulky outerwear on top of thick knits is no good either — good luck getting through a tee shot (fore right)!

Staying warm while remaining limber (and stylish) can be tricky. Fortunately, advancements in fabrics and smart designs by companies like J. Lindeberg make it more possible than ever to stay warm and look cool, even in the cold winter months. Then again, what else would you expect from a luxury fashion company that happens to be a leader in the ski industry, too?

best winter golf gear
Photo Credit: Matt Cardis

Here’s a look at three of my must have cold weather pieces for staying warm on the course.

Must Have Winter Golf Gear

1. The Base Layer

If you’re teeing it up in the cold, a tight-fitting thermal layer is a must. These lightweight tops and bottoms pack a punch when it comes to keeping you warm. How? Well, thermals are designed to wick sweat away from the skin, helping to fight “evaporating cooling” — water that draws energy, and in turn heat, away from your body.

Not all base layers are created equal though. Look for something with quick drying and moisture management qualities like the J. Lindeberg Body Mapping Top and Bottom.  The light compression, high performance of the Body Mapping produces a tight fit, which is a must for retaining optimal heat. And because they’re so lightweight, the tops and bottoms can easily be worn (without any added bulk) under your golf pants and long-sleeve polo. 

Shop J. Lindeberg Body Mapping Top (Price: $95) / Body Mapping Bottom (Price: $80)

2. An Advanced Sweater

When it comes to looking good and beating the cold, you can’t go wrong with a stylish sweater. Though Cashmere is touted to be warmer than Merino wool, I’ve got a game changer for you: J. Lindeberg’s Windstopper Sweater.

It’s the type of apparel you lay eyes on and wonder, “Why hasn’t someone thought of this sooner?” The Windstopper utilizes a trademark technology that adds a liner (made of 100% Polyester) under the soft, 100% Merino wool exterior. The result? A sweater that’s totally windproof, increasing the insulation power without adding any weight. How genius is that!

Add in a slim fitting silhouette, finely knitted fabric, and sleek contrasting shoulder and forearm elements, and this may be the most fashionable and functional sweater in existence. I tested it during a breezy December round in Jersey City, New Jersey, and was ultra-impressed by the level of warmth and wind-cutting ability of the Windstopper.

winter golf essentials
Photo Credit: Matt Cardis

 Shop J. Lindeberg Windstopper Sweater (Price: $305)

3. Lightweight Rain/Wind Gear

You’ve layered up with high-quality thermals and an advanced sweater, but those blustery conditions still have you feeling a little unprepared. It’s time to reach for the rain gear.

As strange as it might sound, I can assure you a good rain suit — like the J. Lindeberg Paclite Jacket and Pants — will make all the difference in the world on those cold winter days (rain or shine). Featuring GORE-TEX technology, the trim-fitting Paclite jacket and pants are completely wind and waterproof.  And the fabric technology allows for crazy lightweight garments, again providing insulation power without any added bulk. Swing away!

I’ve spent my fair share of winters playing golf in the Northeast US, and I can say without a doubt, that outerwear like the Paclite Jacket and Pants are a must for cold winter days on the golf course — even when the sun’s shining bright. Yes they’re an investment, but you’ll have these essential pieces forever.

Paclite jacket and pants, winter golf style
Photo Credit: Matt Cardis

Shop J. Lindeberg Paclite Jacket (Price: $425) / Paclite Pants (Price: $375)

Extras: Winter Beanie

Now that you’re suited up for the cold winter days ahead, don’t forget to throw on a warm winter hat. J. Lindeberg has a range of different colored Striped Golf Beanie’s to accent your look and keep you extra warm. And, don’t be afraid to snag a pair of hand warmers to throw in your pockets, too. You’ll be amazed at how much heat these will add to the mix.


Shop J. Lindeberg Stripe Golf Beanie ($40)

Offseason? No thanks. If you’re looking to brave the winter month and avoid golf hibernation, be sure to pick up this must have winter golf gear. Stay warm out there!

cold weather golf essentials
Photo Credit: Matt Cardis


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