Week 12 of the #ultimategolfroadtrip took us from the Ocean Course at Kiawah to my hometown of Rock Hill, SC. We got to spend a lot of time with friends and family which is such a treat after being away for 3 months. For a few days, it felt a little like normal life at home. Here’s a day by day recap!

Day 76 – Mom cleans the RV

It was mom’s last day in Charleston. We borrowed her car to drive to our round of golf at the gorgeous Ocean Course at Kiawah. While we played, mom stayed behind at #diegotherv with the fur babies to relax, soak in the view and savor the quiet at our campground. She also took it upon herself to clean our rig like only a mom can, fix a few things (like our screen door that wouldn’t close), and improve some things for our pets. Clearly she’s invited to come back anytime she wants to!

Day 77 – Spring in the South

We decided to extend our stay one more day at the campground to catch up on some work. We didn’t do much of that while mom was visiting so we could really spend some time with her and enjoy a little break. We also wanted one more day to watch the little duck family that frequented our campground spot — a sure sign that spring is here!

Day 78 -Errands & driveway living

It was time to leave the campground, but we weren’t quite ready to leave Charleston yet. So we opted to crash in my friend’s driveway one more night. On the way to her place, we ran some quick errands like the bank and grocery store. We try to leave errands for times we are already out and about instead of doing things as they come up. It saves a lot of back and forth trips in the RV.

Day 79 – Charleston-Columbia-Rock Hill (All in a day!)

Jordan played a round at Patriots Point before we left Charleston. I decided I’d hang back and work a little in the parking lot and walk Ella on the coast instead of joining him. After the round, we headed for Rock Hill, SC (just south of Charlotte, NC) which is home for me! On the way, we stopped off the interstate to visit one of my closest friends and her husband. It’s so much easier to pop in to see people with our little rig and we even parked it on the street!

Day 80 – Happy Birthday Grandma

First full day home and I took full advantage. The RV is our only vehicle which is still really easy to get around in because it’s only 24 feet long. But to make it even easier, I took my mom to work and borrowed her car all day to visit friends in Charlotte. First stop –  Meredith’s photography studio for the first time then margs, tacos and soul talk with Melissa at my favorite Mexican spot – Ruru’s. Then I picked my mom up from work, we grabbed a few things for my grandma’s birthday and went to celebrate her 83rd year. And man can she tell you some stories from those 83 years. You should also know, she’s a spitfire and will tell you exactly what she’s thinking. No sugar coating. One of the many reasons I love her.

Meanwhile, Jordan enjoyed a day with the animals and catching up on work in my dad’s driveway.

Day 81 – Friends & family time

It’s the weekend! That means everyone is off work and can hang out. Most of the day I hung out with family because it was my soon-to-be sister-in-law’s bridal shower. My mom hosted it with my step mom and the ladies in the family enjoyed a nice little afternoon together. I love being in town for things like this. But then it makes me miss home so much.

Day 82 – Let’s upgrade those Batteries

My dad is (what I believe) the handiest man in the world! He spent the better part of Sunday helping us with some RV upgrades and repairs. He installed our new deep cycle Lifeline batteries so we can boondock more efficiently. SO EXCITED!! Then he figured out why our automatic steps don’t work. Silly motor! Why can’t we just have simple things like manual pull down steps that don’t break. Oh, and we made some conclusions on the solar setup we’re going to do (we think). I LOVE being close to home so dad can help with #allthethings. After all the hard work, we had a big family lunch and I went to visit my sweet friend Sara and her little family. Being home is the best!

We’re going to be all over North Carolina for the next few weeks, so we’ll be squeezing in as much friend and family time as we can between some great golf!