Week 13 of the #ultimategolfroadtrip was full of golf – 4 rounds in 3 days in the Pinehurst area. We normally average about 2 courses a week so this was a busy week for us. We also did a few more RV upgrades to make life a little easier and comfortable on the road. Oh, and we had a propane leak so no fridge for 5 days, but we rocked it. Here’s a day by day recap!

Day 83 – RV spring cleaning

We started the week off still in my hometown so we went early morning walking at my favorite local spot near the river with Ella then grocery shopping. My sweet husband created a new meal plan and grocery list to help organize our meals even more. He’s the best. And since we were home, I decided it would be a good time to do some decluttering of our huge 150 sq ft space and take some things to the storage unit. While I did my OCD cleaning Jordan prepped our food for the week (again, how sweet is he!) And to end the night, mom had a family dinner for us on the back porch.

Day 84 – Vet visit and another upgrade – comfy sleeping

Since we were still in town, we took #ellagriggs to the vet for a checkup. Homegirl is super high maintenance with a few health issues we constantly keep an eye on. Yes, I’m a helicopter dog mom and proud of it! As you can see, Jordan enjoyed the vet more than Ella.

We also got an Amazon order at my mom’s! We’ve been sleeping on a not-so-comfortable factory mattress for the last 3 months and finally decided to upgrade. We shouldn’t be waking up every morning with a sore back and achy hips at only 31. So we got a 2-inch memory foam topper and a cushy mattress cover.

Day 85 – Country living and a propane leak

We made our way to Pinehurst to a great Boondockers Welcome spot on a little used-to-be farm. It’s so cute and charming. We were excited to spend the night there. That is until we discovered a small propane leak in our hose under the RV. We don’t know much about gas so we play it safe, cut off the propane supply to the RV (which meant no stove, fridge or hot water when boondocking) and headed for Walmart in the dark. We knew we wouldn’t be able to get it fixed until the weekend (4 days from then) so we made it work. All the food went in coolers with ice and we put them in the shower. We took showers at the golf club. And we splurged and ate out a few times, which we never really do. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the weekend to eat all the yummy food Jordan prepped for us!

Day 86 – 2 courses in 1 day!

Jordan woke up like a kid in a candy store because we were playing Pinehurst No. 4 and No. 2 all in one day (more on those rounds in the next video episode). The rig stayed parked in the parking lot so we could check on the animals during rounds. We were pooped after a long day playing and filming at the courses. Normally, we’d kick back, make dinner and relax BUT we had the propane shut off and our food was still in coolers in the shower so what’s a girl to do? Swing into Chick-fil-a and get your favorite combo, of course!

Day 87 – Storms and a better outcome

We were scheduled to tee off for our 3 rounds in 2 days at 8:30 am, but it was raining/storming (which also meant I didn’t sleep very well). We got rescheduled for the afternoon and we ended up getting paired with a member who just happened to be Jordan’s good friend’s golf coach in college in PA. What are the odds?! After the round, we grabbed a late lunch in Pinehurst Village and Ella got to join us. It is the cutest little town ever. Then, we made our way back to the cute little farm to relax!

Day 88 – 4th round with friends

We woke up on the cute little used-to-be farm outside of Pinehurst again. It’s been our favorite Boondockers Welcome spot yet! We relaxed, cleaned a little and Ella enjoyed lots of running around. Then we headed for Tobacco Road where 3 of our Charlotte friends met us to play the round. It was so much fun! Afterward, we went to visit more friends for dinner who were visiting family in Pinehurst and slept in their driveway.

Day 89 – Food and face masks

We woke up in our friend’s driveway (who also made an amazing breakfast), then headed back to my hometown (Rock Hill, SC) to get the RV fixed and hang with family. The day included another upgrade – our new Berkey filter which means all the clean water we can handle from any water source we come across #peaceofmind. And the afternoon was filled with Blue Moons and detox masks with my mom!

I LOVED the Pinehurst area, all the golf and seeing family all in one week. We’re soaking in all the family time we can get before we leave the South in just a few weeks. Now we’re signing off to enjoy the Masters in Augusta!