Dapper Travel Diaries: Week 17 – Virginia Mountains

It was a great week in the Virginia mountains! Even though it started off rainy, we were at least parked at a winery. We did lots of exploring, golfed one round, drove back to SC, visited our RV friends and saw a bear (not in that order). Here’s a quick recap of our 17th week on the road!

Day 110 – Rain and napping at the winery

For two days straight, it rained in the VA mountains. Which was a bummer because we were parked on a hill overlooking the beautiful Delfosse Winery. But we made the best of it. With Ella in her makeshift poncho, we went on lots of rainy walks, cooked, took a few cat naps and ended the day with wine. That’s what rainy days are for right!

Day 111 – Dump station and exploring with Ella

We said goodbye to the winery we called home for a few days. Since we’d been dry camping for a few days, it was time to dump our tanks. Charlottesville has a free dump station at the water treatment plant but it was a new experience for us. There’s just a big metal grate, not a small hole, that you just let it rip! It was…gross. There was a GREAT off leash trail nearby so we took Miss Ella for a long walk before heading to the next Golf course to spend the night in the parking lot.

Day 112 – Golf and Walmart

We played Spring Creek Golf Club which was SO pretty and with the nicest people. Then we headed back to our favorite Walmart parking lot in town to spend the night and get up early to go hiking.

Day 113 – We saw a bear and showered on the side of a mountain!

We woke up early to head to Shenandoah National Park to hike with Ella! We were about half way through our hike when we saw a little black BEAR!! I’ve always wanted to see one but then we high-tailed it out of there just in case there was a mean momma bear around. We found the prettiest overlook to park for a few hours to shower, eat and hang out. A new friend we played golf with yesterday, invited us to stay in his driveway and cook out. We meet the NICEST people!

Day 114 – Food prep in VA, beers with RVing friends in SC

I woke up in a food prepping mood while Jordan got some work done. He had a call at 11 then we hit the road for a long drive to SC. My brother is getting married next week so we decided to go back one more time to help if they needed anything. Which worked out perfectly because our friends and fellow RVers were back in town for one more night for appointments. They came over and we stayed up WAY too late catching up on life on the road.

Day 115 – Travel planning and FB live

There’s a lot of travel coming up so we spent some time planning logistics for the next month. I can’t WAIT to get to Maine! After planning, I did a little cleaning but we were out of some of our DIY products. Since I run a healthy living with Essential Oils group, I decided to do a quick FB live video while I made all of our new products. I was most excited to use my new phone gorilla pod that I wrapped around a chair to stay steady. #makeitwork

Day 116 – Church and RV friends

When we’re home, we LOVE to go to our church, Elevation, in person. We stream it live on the road but nothing beats going in person and the message hit me right over the head! After church, we had a late lunch with two more of our RV friends that were in town for a few days. It’s SO much fun swapping life on the road stories! The rest of the day was spent with family and working on wedding things.

Next week is my brother’s wedding in the mountains so there will be some cabin stays, family time and lots of fun! See you next week.