We took another detour this week and headed back to my hometown to help with my brother’s wedding coming up. We took a road trip in a car to Primland, I played wedding coordinator, we stayed in a cabin, got dressed up TWICE and spent lots of time with friends and family celebrating my brother and his new wife! Here’s a recap of all the fun.

Day 117 – Pedicures and packages

We’re back in my mom’s driveway for a few days to help prep for my little brother’s wedding. We were supposed to drive to Primland and back today but the weather had other plans. Instead, we got some work done, mom took me to get a pedicure for the wedding (I haven’t had one since our wedding 2.5 years ago :P) and Jordan got a special delivery which you can see how excited he is about it.

Day 118 – Work and walking

We have a ton of travel coming up so we took some time to plan logistics! Then we went on a long walk with Ella at the Riverwalk in town and I met up with a friend to catch up. I’m going to miss being able to see people!

Day 119 – Early morning road trip to Primland in a car

We got up before the sun to drive to Primland for a day a golf. We didn’t take the RV (which felt so weird) and drove my mom’s car. That meant we had to make sure we packed everything we needed for the day including everything I needed to teach my Wellness Wednesday class online from their business conference room. It was the only window of time I had all day so I made it work. And because we can’t take our whole fridge with us in the car, we ended the round with a late lunch overlooking the mountains before our drive back.

Day 120 – Wedding scramble begins and lost in the mountains

Today was a scramble to get everything at my mom’s packed up for the wedding. They had a DIY wedding and mom and I were in charge of flowers. We picked them up in Charlotte a few hours off schedule and decided it would be better if Jordan and I drove them to the venue a few hours north in the RV then stay the night instead of all of us going. Jordan met us on our route, we made the exchange, drove to Asheville in the rain at night and got lost in the middle of no where. It was a good time 😛

Day 121 – Graduation, wedding setup, rehearsal and cabin living

Another crazy day! Their wedding venue is 3 hours from home and my brother graduated today from Firefighter School which meant my whole family was there while I held down the fort getting the wedding venue ready. Everyone kept sending my pictures so I just got all teary eyed while coordinating things at the venue. It took an army to get that place ready but we did it! Then we moved Diego the RV to our cabin for the weekend and enjoyed long hot showers, endless electricty, and my favorite, an extra bed just for Ella. We got ready for the rehearsal and enjoyed lots of time with family and friends for the night!

Day 122 – Wedding day in the mountains

The forecast called for rain most of the day but I was determined to get a hike in with my dad along the river before all the wedding craziness started. The man loves being outdoors and Ella needed lots of exercise since she wasn’t going to the wedding 😉 After hiking, we did a mad dash to get everything finalized at the venue, got ready and enjoyed the rest of the night celebrating Josh and Candice! It turned out SO great and so pretty even with all the rain!

Day 123 – Clean up and rest

There’s no rest for the weary! When you have a DIY wedding, that means you’ve got to do all the clean up too 😛 Everyone got up early and had everything packed up and cleaned up by noon. Then it was time for a power nap and more hiking with mom this time. We still had one more night in the cabin so we took advantage by prepping our food for the week, washing clothes and charging all of our gear!

We’re going to need some rest and relaxation after this week. We’re heading to Indiana and Kentucky for 3 rounds of golf and a resort stay with the animals.