From Maine to Central NY to Jordan’s hometown in PA, Week 24 was filled with electricity and AC (mostly), 3 rounds of golf, lots of driving, lots of family time with the in-laws and soaking up the sun. Check out the full recap!

Day 159 – 92 degrees and no AC… perfect!

It was an in between day traveling from Maine to Central NY to the next golf courses on our list. We planned to drive a few hours and work a few hours. What we didn’t plan for – the highs in the 90’s and we hadn’t scheduled to be at an RV park plugged into electricity for the day so that meant no AC. Solution – we found a little park on a river, parked the RV in the shade of the only tree we could find even though it wasn’t a parking spot, opened the windows and rolled with it. #EllaGriggs enjoyed taking a few dips in the river to cool off.

Day 160 – Finally the RV park

We woke up early in a Walmart parking lot and hit the road first thing to get to our RV park a few hours down the road. It’s been well over a week since we’ve been hooked up to water and electric. We were ready to soak up all the AC with another hot day ahead of us and we took full advantage. Water hookups also come in handy when your dog is due for a bath. Can’t you tell, she loved it!

Day 161 – 2 rounds of golf

Jordan played 2 rounds of golf at Turning Stone Resort but I only tagged along to photograph 1 of them. The rest of the day I hung out with the fur babies, cleaned the RV and got some work done in the AC! They have a really great RV parked that made it easy for golfing, exploring and relaxing for a few days.

Day 162 – 1 more round of golf then road trip to PA

Another gorgeous round of golf at Turning Stone with our new friend, Bill, who’s been a golf writer, publisher, and storyteller his whole life. We learned a lot from him on all fronts. Right after the round, we hit the road for a 4-hour road trip to Jordan’s hometown in Pennsylvania stopping at one of our favorite rest stops on the drive to stretch our legs. We’re excited to spend a week with the fam!

Day 163 – Family day off

Everyone took Friday off to hang out. Jordan and his brother started the day with a yummy homemade breakfast. The animals stayed in the RV because their family has a sweet dog but he doesn’t really get along with other fur babies. We made sure Ella and P got out to play in between the rain clouds. We ended the day on the back porch with wine and this gorgeous sunset!

Day 164 – Boating and sunshine

Saturday was beautiful so we got the boat out with the fam. I really wanted to bring Ella but I don’t think she would have enjoyed it. Instead, we plugged up the pet cam so I could keep an eye on the animals in the RV while we were gone. I know what you’re thinking, that sounds a little overboard, but it gives me peace of mind so I can enjoy family time! Oh, and Traci (my soon to be sister-in-law in the selfie) taught us how to use Snapchat filters. I’m happy to report Jordan looks better than I do with the filters.

Day 165 – Father’s day and lots of food

Father’s Day means more family time! After we ordered brunch, I asked Jordan’s dad to tell us his some of his favorite memories of the boys growing up. I had no idea Jordan played baseball with his brother and his dad coached them. The things you learn when you ask! The rest of the day was pool time, cooking out, a few glasses of wine and playing with the animals in the yard.

We’re spending a lot of this week with Jordan’s family for his 31st birthday then we’re back on the road to Michigan for 5 rounds of golf!