Dapper Travel Diaries: Week 7 (southern hospitality)

This week’s travels and golf courses and people were exactly what we needed. A true redemption story from last week’s crazy electrical issues.

Day 41 – Need more batteries

The night before, we boondocked at a beautiful Welcome Center with wifi and lots of walking for Ella (our pup). We woke up to an almost dead battery even though we didn’t use any lights or electricity during the night. We finally found the battery draining culprit, a light in one of the underneath storage compartments was left on. This meant we needed to juice up the battery for awhile. Instead of cranking the generator, we cracked and booked a campground for the night 😛 It felt glorious to be hooked up to water, power and sewer! Just look at those smiles – happy campers!

Day 42 – Valentine’s Day in the dark

Our version of a romantic evening has drastically changed over the 8 years of our relationship. These days, we’re happy being at home (the rv) with our fur babies cooking dinner together. And that’s exactly what we did for Valentine’s day – in the dark. We spent all day on the golf course playing and photographing Dancing Rabbit then stayed overnight in their parking lot. Since we weren’t plugged up to a power source, we didn’t use our lights to save the battery. It makes a home cooked meal on Valentine’s Day feel even more romantic.

Day 43 – A day in the parking lot by myself

It was glorious. Jordan golfed the other course at Dancing Rabbit with some of the local guys while I took an entire day to myself for work and rest. I was able to periodically run the generator to keep my computer and wifi charged up all day which meant I got to man-handle my to do list in the parking lot.

Day 44 – The pool is closed

Our next golf stop – the beautiful Old Waverly in Mississippi. We got to the course close to dusk and were asked to park at the pool because it’s still closed for the winter. Perfect! But what’s even more perfect – an electrical outlet to juice up the RV.

Day 45 – We’re moving in!

We got up the next morning to explore and play the golf course. This place is what southern dreams are made of – ivy covered walls, southern charm around every corner and everyone you meet feels like an old friend. Wes, our new/old friend, connected with Jordan after he saw him on the Morning Drive. He’s a member at the course and drove 2 hours from his hometown to play the round with us. He also very graciously offered his family’s condo on the 10th hole to stay for a night or two if we wanted. TV with all the channels, endless hot showers and a washer and dryer – you don’t have to twist my arm. So we parked Diego the RV outside and soaked in the condo life all weekend. What a blessing.


Day 46 – Photoshoot anyone?

Staying in one place with running water and endless electricity really does something to your productivity. We were able to do some heavy lifting on our to do lists in the morning then let our creativity run wild in the afternoon. Old Waverly was the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot. We shot for some of the brands we work with and I made Jordan snuggle for a few I might include in this year’s Christmas card. These are the kind of days in our travels I live for – a good balance between work and play.


Day 47 – Family walks

Because we wake up in a new place almost daily, we make it mandatory that we all go on our morning walks to discover where ever we are together. Our last family walk at Old Waverly didn’t disappoint.


We ended this week in Mississippi and are Georgia bound for 2 rounds of golf before I take a break for a work retreat! Don’t worry, Jordan will still be golfing.


  1. Amy Tallent on February 21, 2017 at 5:01 pm

    Brittany and Jordan…Really enjoyed reading and watching your post and videos, what a journey you two are on. Looking forward to the rest of the year. You and Jordan are an amazing couple. Love you, Aunt Amy, stay safe and never stop following you dreams.

  2. Tuong Nguyen on February 22, 2017 at 4:19 pm

    What a lovely story and a dream RV stay over! Wife and I are hoping to do same very soon since you inspired us so much! Britt you are a golfer’s dream wife!!!

    • Jordan Griggs on February 27, 2017 at 3:12 pm

      Thanks Tuong! Awesome to hear you guys are looking to hit the road in an RV, too. And Brittany certainly is an awesome and supportive wife!