Golf Channel Morning Drive – Behind the Scenes

When I was asked to be a guest on the Golf Channel’s Morning Drive, I couldn’t wait to share the Ultimate Golf Road Trip with viewers. Excited? Absolutely. Nervous? No doubt about it! Because I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the experience, I figured I’d give a quick behind the scenes look at the day at the Golf Channel studios.

As you probably know, we travel full-time by RV. Since we had to be at the studio early, we decided to spend the prior night in the NBC golf parking lot. Don’t get any ideas though — without prior permission, security will be sure to give you the boot!

The morning started with a quick briefing before a trip to the makeup area for a little touch up. Relax guys, it’s totally normal!

Before we filmed our segments outside with Matt Ginella, we toured the Golf Channel Studios, and chatted with some of the Morning Drive regulars — Paige, Cara and Chantel. Each were super welcoming and awesome to spend some time with.

Then, it was off to do some filming in front of our Winnebago View RV! Ginella and I chatted about everything from life of the road to favorite golf courses.

Even Ella enjoyed some time on set.

After filming segment one, where we talked about The Dapper Drive and Ultimate Golf Road Trip project, into the RV we went.

During segment two, Ginella and I talked a bit more about the Ultimate Golf Road Trip, including the courses we’d played to date: TPC Sawgrass (watch Episode 1), Streamsong’s Blue & Red Courses (watch Episode 2), and Bay Hill Club (watch Episode 3).

Thanks to Matt Ginella and the entire Golf Channel Morning Drive crew for having us on the show! If you missed our piece or you’d like to take another look, both segments can be found below: