Arnold Palmer Apparel: Look Great, Do Good

Few people have had a greater impact on the game of golf than Arnold Plamer. Beyond his 62 PGA Tour wins, 4 green jackets, and countless other accolades, Palmer’s unique swing and excitingly brash style of play always seemed to draw people toward him. Though his golfing prowess lured people in, it was his charismatic personality, warm-demeanor and unfailing kindness toward all that truly captured the hearts of fans around the world.

It should come as no surprise then that his namesake brand, Arnold Palmer Apparel, has been designed to carry on Palmer’s iconic style, while also embodying some of his greatest personal attributes.

Look Great, Do Good

Before diving into the styles of Arnold Palmer Apparel, I want to highlight the company’s “Look Great, Do Good” mantra. It’s no secret that Mr. Palmer was a generous man, always doing his part to help those less fortunate. When Arnold Palmer Apparel was created, they too wanted to give back in a meaningful way.

How? Well, Arnold Palmer Apparel has pledged to donate all it’s net profits to Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation, an organization that provides financial aid to a lot of different organizations that help support positive changes in the lives of children.

So when you purchase some gear from Arnold Palmer Apparel, not only will you look good on the course, but you’ll know it’s money well spent, too. Pretty dang cool.

arnold palmer pink shirt

Arnold Palmer Apparel Styles

The breadth of the Arnold Palmer Apparel line can be seen by the vast variety of options available. From the bold to the understated, the lineup of tops, bottoms, layering pieces and accessories each offer varying designs, fabric and fit. What I’ve found is that no matter your individual style, there’s likely a piece for you.

Golf Shirts

Creatively named after significant courses and events, the choice of golf shirts is unmatched by most other brands I’ve come across. Digging a bold stripe, go with the Quail Hollow or Bay Hill designs. Want a more understated look? Opt for the heathered design of the Magnolia or my personal favorite, the Tralee. Choose the classic pink Palmer look of the Broadmoor, or modernize your wardrobe with the Starfire.

arnold palmer pink golf shirt

Regardless of your style preference, rest assure that the fit will be on point. I’ve found that shirts run true to size, and are fitted enough to have you looking your best while still providing plenty of room to rip those epic drives. The latter thanks to a technically sound polyester/spandex blend fabric that works to wick-away moisture and ensure peak on-course performance.

Each shirt also boasts the iconic Arnold Palmer umbrella logo under the back collar, and the timeless Arnold Palmer signature on the sleeve. Nice design touches that showcase the brand.

arnold palmer apparel

Golf Pants

Arnold Palmer Apparel keeps the classic vibes alive with their bottoms, offering pants and shorts in the staple colors you’d expect to see on the course. They provide a base for which to work with the multitude of shirts options in the line.

My personal favorites are the Citris Classic pants, which provide a great fit and a slightly more technical performance than the 100% polyester Hall of Fame pants that the old-school golf purists may be eying.

arnold palmer clothes

My go-to short is the Mashie, though the recent release of the Swagger short, which features a heathered design, has definitely caught my eye.

arnold palmer apparel

Layers & Outerwear

Forget about the knit sweater, as Arnold Palmer Apparel has opted for a more modern approach to keeping warm on the course. Though I do enjoy a good sweater, I’ve got to admit these new-age performance tops have me intrigued. It’s amazing how warm the technical fabrics can keep you in the wind, cold and rain!

Topping my list is the 1/4 zip Aster mid-layer piece, with the usable chest pocket providing an ultra-cool design touch.

arnold palmer apparel


A full line of belts are also available to complete your look, ranging from leather options with a classic buckle to a more casual web belt with full-sized metal buckle. The umbrella-clad Canvas belt is a perfect look for a longtime fan of the King, while I really enjoy the look of the white, black and grey Braided Belt. Pair it with a classic black trouser and white polo to make an otherwise ordinary look pop.

arnold palmer apparel

The brand also released a lineup of hats ranging from a “baseball style” Nylon Active Sports Cap to a full-brimmed “bucket” hat. Each sports the umbrella logo and Arnold Palmer signature.

Final Thoughts

Arnold Palmer Apparel offers a wide range of performance apparel that’s likely to have something for everyone who enjoys modern technical fabrics. The price points are attractive and the brand’s mission even better. With all net profits going to Arnie’s Army, there’s no better way to look great and do good than sporting Arnold Palmer Apparel.