10 Groomsmen Golf Gift Ideas

If you’re like most guys, chances are you’re more in tune with your favorite football team’s schedule or next year’s major championship stops than you are the logistics of your wedding day. But even if you’re not chiming in on flower arrangements and color palates, there’s one area you can thrive in: nailing the groomsmen gifts.

When it comes to choosing a gift, it can be challenging to find just the right fit. But for the golf-loving groomsmen, it doesn’t have to be.

First and foremost, give your groomsmen high-quality gifts that they’ll actually use. Think about the type of golf items you’d love to have, but perhaps aren’t always at the top of you list for purchase. Then, make it personal by choosing a groomsmen golf gift that will have meaning to them. Don’t be afraid to mix it up either. Getting each of your boys a different groomsman gift adds to the significance and leaves a lasting impression.

So where to start? Well, with so many up-and-coming boutique golf companies offering unique, hand-crafted goods, there’s plenty of stylish groomsman golf gift ideas.  And, you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to hook-up your bros with a groomsmen golf gift they’ll love.

Here are 10 groomsmen golf gift ideas that your boys are sure to love.

1. Badass Golf Art – $30 (to $200)

Lie & Loft is creating some crazy good golf art that’s got the cool factor you might not expect from something you hang on your wall. Snag the Augusta print to recount that time your boy took you to the Masters, or give the Pebble Beach Topo print as a subtle hint you’re ready for that buddies trip to you guys can’t stop talking about.  Or if you’re teeing it up ahead of the wedding, have the guys at Lie & Loft create a custom print of the course you’re playing that day. And rest assured, these badass pieces look as good on a living room wall as they do in a sports themed man-cave.

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2. Memorable Golf Head Covers – $50+

If you’ve ever received a head cover from an elite club like Pine Valley, Shinnecock, Merion or Seminole, chances are that’s something you’re still rocking today. On the rare chance you have a round ahead of your wedding at one of the historic courses in America (or beyond), you might consider snagging some extra gear for your crew. Sure, they’d rather be playing there themselves, but they’re sure to love sporting a cover from one of these epic golf venues.

Or, if you’re tight on time, grab them a set of super sleek covers.

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3. Hand Forged Pitch Tool & Bottle Opener – $55

Oregon based Seamus Golf Co. is one of those up-and-coming companies creating a myriad of hand-crafted golf goods perfect for golf-loving groomsmen. Though the company got their start with a Scottish-inspired Tartan head cover, look to the Hand Forged Pitch Tool & Bottle Opener as the perfect groomsman gift for the beer-drinking golf lover. Each is hand hammered by a second generation blacksmith in Portland, Oregon, and can be personalized with hand-stamped initials on the back.

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Photo Credit: Seamus Golf Co.

4. Leather Valuables Pouch – $89

Mackenzie Golf Bags may be well-known for their high-end Walker golf bags, but for your boys go with the much more price-friendly Mackenzie Valuables Pouch. It’s perfect for storing personal goods during a round, or being used to house their go-to practice balls. And if you’re really looking to impress, stash that baby with a dozen personalized Pro Vs or a bottle of their favorite spirits.

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Best Groomsmen Golf Gift ideas

Photo Credit: Mackenzie Golf Bags

5. Hand Crafted Wallet & Scorecard Holder – $98

Few gifts stand the test of time like a high-quality leather wallet. Bluegrass Fairway does you one better with The Crenshaw — a versatile leather good that works as well on the course (scorecard holder) as it does off (wallet). Hand crafted with only the best USA sourced full grain leather, it’s the kind of wallet that only gets better with age. Customize each with your groomsmen’s initials for a gift that’s sure to stand the test of time.

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6. Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker – $110

Music on a golf course can draw harsh criticism from the purists of the game, but the reality is golf is meant to be fun. If that means jamming to a little Dave Matthews guitar session while strolling the fairways, have at it. If your groomsmen fit the mold, go with the Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker. It’s compact, waterproof, clips straight onto a golf bag, packs some serious sounds, and best of all, has a really affordable price tag.

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Photo Credit: Bose

7. Luxury Golf Shoe Bag – $145

A good quality shoe bag is something everyone should own. In reality though, few people actually spend the money on one for themselves, making them an ideal candidate for a groomsmen gift. Though something like the Utility Shoe Bag by Jones Golf ($50) will do the trick, I’d recommend really impressing the boys with the water-resistant, waxed canvas Woodrow by Douglas Rose. It’s sure to stoke endless stories from your nuptials each time you tee it up together.

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8. Player Series Walking Golf Bag – $159

Speaking of Jones Golf, if you’re the walking type, hook the groomsmen up with arguably the best lightweight carry bag on the market — the iconic Jones Player Series Walking Golf Bag. At a mere 3 lbs., it’s perfect for those Sunday night strolls, beer in hand. Personalize it. Gift it. And watch the smiles abound.

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Photo Credit: Jones Golf Bags

9. The Mother of All Coolers – $199+

I know, I know. What about your buddies who insist on carting it and refuse to play without the consumption of at least half-a-dozen beverages? One word. Yeti. Yes, they’re well-known as the outdoor adventure man’s cooler, but the truth is these bad boys are just as perfect for a round of golf as they are for backcountry fishing. Go with the Yeti Hopper Flip 8 Personal Cooler and don’t be surprise when they immediately head toward the bartender to test it out. Extra cold beers anyone?

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Photo Credit: YETI

10. Ultimate Garment Bag — $278

I promise, you’ve never seen a bag like this before. Stitch Golf’s Ultimate Garment Bag is a two-in-one bag that quickly converts from a duffle to garment bag, and back. Yes, you read that correctly (watch how it works here). It’s compact, lightweight, water-proof, and makes work trips and weekend wedding travel easier than ever. The price surely makes it a splurge as a groomsmen gift, but aren’t your boys worth it? Okay, maybe not. But it’s certainly worth considering a little self-gifting ahead of the big day. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

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Photo Credit: Stitch Golf

For the Groom

While you’re busy buying gifts for your closest compadres, be sure to grab yourself some Douglas Rose Stationary. Trust that the Mrs. will most certainly have plenty of stock cards for thanking her great Aunt for the bathroom linens, but when you sit down to craft those extra-special “Thank You’s” to your closest people, you’ll want to do so in style.

Enjoy the big day!