We did a lot of RV driving in week 20 of the #ultimategolfroadtrip. From Kentucky to Ohio to PA to Maryland, we got the RV repaired, played 3 rounds of golf, stayed overnight in a Flying J, a Walmart and a Cracker Barrel parking lot, 2 nights in a campground, and street parked in a friend’s neighborhood like we were a tiny Prius or something. It’s been a really fun week in the Northeast and here’s a quick recap.

Day 131 – Dealership living

We woke up in the dealership parking lot again to get the final repairs completed on #diegotherv.  We spent the day in the lobby working on our laptops and hanging out with our fur babies. Ella and Mr. P were VERY popular with the staff and other customers that were waiting. It’s always a good time when we take them to the repair shop. We finally got the keys back around 5 PM and no bill! The repairs we needed were still under warranty for two more weeks. BEST. NEWS. EVER. We immediately hit the road and drove until 7:45 PM. We pulled over at a rest stop so I could teach a live class to my Essential Oils team. Work from anywhere right?!

Day 132 – Epic sunset

We didn’t make it all the way to the golf course last night so we slept in a Flying J about an hour away. Super glamorous waking up outside of Denny’s. We resisted the temptation to split a Grand Slam for breakfast and cooked up in the RV.  It was a gorgeous day for golf at Virtues Golf Club. We stayed until sunset so we could get some product shots and some epic sunset golf views. I’d say we were successful. Then we packed up and headed for a Walmart parking lot down the road.

Day 133 – 90 degrees and no AC. Time for a campground.

It was an off day from golf. With temperatures close to 90 degrees in Ohio, we decided to make life easy and head for a campground close to our next golf course in PA. There we’d have an electrical hookup, AC to keep us cool and endless electricity to get some work done. It’s also time to do laundry so I found a campground with washers and dryers. After our 3 hour drive, we settled in, cooked, got work done, let Ella explore the property and all the animal smells, and I taught another live class in my Wellness Wednesday group which is just so much fun! If you’re interested in how to use Essential Oils, come hang out with us here on Facebook! And, yes, that’s me below talking to my computer teaching all the fun stuff.

Day 134 – Campground cleaning day

A full day in a campground means wash all the clothes, pull everything out of the RV and clean, give Ella a bath, and prep our food for the week. When you have access to endless running water, electricity and washer and dryers, you take FULL advantage of it. Before all the cleaning started, I got a little work done in my “outdoor office” (aka – the picnic table) while eating breakfast. And, as you can see, someone decided it was ok to snatch part of my breakfast. She has no manners!

Day 135 – Golf and the RV got stuck

We left the campground at sunrise to get to our next golf round by 7:30 am at Nemacolin Resort – Mystic Rock. The golf round was great and I thoroughly enjoyed their luxurious locker room afterwards. I got a bathroom to myself with a 4 spout shower. IT WAS AMAZING! I took advantage, got fully ready and even curled my hair (a rare occurrence on the road). As we were pulling out of our parking spot, we realized our generator muffler was too low to clear the sidewalk….. So I changed clothes, got the tools out and we put our heads together to get out of our little predicament. 1 hour of troubleshooting later, we came out unscathed and learned our lesson about parking on a down slope. Then we took some time to tour the Nemacolin property which includes a pet resort! Ella was super impressed with their doggy swimming pool and hand painted themed doggy rooms with tvs.

Day 136 – Cracker Barrel living

We woke up in a Cracker Barrel in Maryland and decided to go on a breakfast date. Jordan has NEVER eaten at a Cracker Barrel so it was kind of a must! I’m pretty sure we ate everything they serve. YUM! After getting a little rest and work done in their parking lot, we headed for Jordan’s friend’s house outside of DC because someone (Jordan, of course!) was invited to play Congressional tomorrow. My favorite part – we totally parked on the street and put our little slide out like we were a car in their neighborhood! No shame!

Day 137 – Congressional parking lot living

Jordan was like a kid on Christmas getting ready to play Congressional today. The plan was to drive the RV there and drop him off then go to a nearby park and hang with Ella for the day while he played. Most of the really nice, private courses don’t really love an RV in their parking lot. Surprisingly, Congressional was SO friendly and had a huge parking lot even though we only took up one space. While Jordan played, I got some work done, did some food prep, walked Ella 17 times, and hung out. That’s my kind of day!

This coming week we’re heading from Maryland to Pennsylvania for 3 rounds of golf, some farm living, a city photo shoot and lots of adventure in between.


  1. Michael Starnes on May 23, 2017 at 7:28 pm

    I need your mechanics phone number PS the one working on the generator LOL Love Y’all

    • Jordan Griggs on June 1, 2017 at 12:57 am

      She’s a great one, that’s for sure!!