We spent a lot of time exploring Maryland in week 21 of the #ultimategolfroadtrip from city street parking to coastal farm living with 3 golf rounds in between. We slept on the side of the street, a golf course parking lot, a gorgeous farm, Cracker Barrel and one night in a campground. Every step of the way, we were welcomed by so many new and old friends which made it a really fun week! Here’s a recap.

Day 138 – Street parkin’ and home cooked meals

We stayed one more day our friend’s house (@the_fashionable_man + family) parked right outside on the street with the slide out #noshame. We caught up on some work, showered twice in one day and were even spoiled with home cooked meals every time we turned around. With two little ones in the house, we had a lot of fun as you can see!

Day 139 – More street parking and a city shoot

Soooo Jordan and Cory (@the_fashionable_man) had a great idea to do a joint shoot in a city setting before we headed north for our next golf course. We opted for downtown Frederick, Maryland instead of a bigger city like Baltimore. I didn’t want to worry about parking #diegotherv in a huge city with our fur babies. Instead, we did street parking here, fed two meters and had an on-site dressing room for a few wardrobe changes which worked out perfect. An RV is the way to go if you have on location photo shoots. Why didn’t I think of that before! Then we headed north and did all the fun RV things on the way – dump, fill up on water, get gas.

Day 140 – Golf course living

We woke up at our next golf (round 30 of the 100) at Bulle Rock. They have some amazing walking trails through the neighborhood so I took Miss Ella on a long walk before our round. Cory (@the_fashionable_man) drove up to join us for 18 and we got a few more shots for a little project we’re working on.

Day 141 – Maryland coast farm living

We woke up at the golf course and headed for my friend’s farm on the coast of Maryland. She’d told me how pretty it was there and why she loved it so much. As soon as we pulled in the long driveway, I immediately fell in love and knew exactly why this is her happy place. It’s BEAUTIFUL and Ella LOVED roaming the property. We hung out in their farm house and grabbed dinner on the water at night. If/when we ever settle down a bit, I wouldn’t mind having a little farm just like this to call home base.

Day 142 – Another photo shoot! Do we really have to leave?!

The view from our back window waking up on the farm was nothing short of breathtaking. As soon as we pulled in the driveway yesterday, Jordan’s creative wheels were turning for some more shots he wanted to get for our project. So we got up at sunrise (5:50 am) and shot for a few hours. It’s really easy to lose track of time there. Afterwards, they graciously invited us in for a home cooked breakfast. We seriously know the sweetest, most welcoming people on earth. Sadly, we had to say goodbye late in the day and head to our next stop where there was a room in a cabin waiting for us. Again, how is this even real!

Day 143 – From a cabin to the Cracker Barrel parking lot

What a day! Jordan played two rounds of golf with his friend Mike (@golfjunkdrawer) while I hung out with the animals in the RV. We went from the cabin where I got a nice long hot shower and fully ready (gotta take advantage when you can, right?) to golf course parking lot #1 to golf course parking lot #2 to end the night at a local Cracker Barrel to sleep. During the day, #ellagriggs and I found some really great walking trails and explored for a few hours which means everyone had a great day!

Day 144 – Campground day, chores, laundry and rain

Sooo I forgot it was Memorial Day weekend and Sundays are our chores/do laundry/prep food /campground days. But most campgrounds were fully booked well in advance for this weekend. Luckily, I found one tucked away in PA that still had some spots open and a laundry room. 7 loads of laundry later, we had all the chores done and enjoyed a glass (or two) of wine while the rain came down.

See, I told you it was a fun week! This coming week, we’re heading for our old stomping grounds of NYC! We lived there for 3.5 years before we quit our jobs so we’re excited to see friends, eat at some of our favorite places and do some golfing. See you next week for what’s sure to be a crazy recap!