Dress to Impress: My Looks from the PGA Show

best pga show style

As much as I love stylish golf apparel, I’m equally as passionate about looking dapper off-the-course, too. And while a performance trouser and well-fitting polo is more than sufficient for your golf rounds, it’s not always the best choice of attire when you’re not teeing it up. Last week I attended the PGA Show in…

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Glove Love: Are Premium Colored Golf Gloves Worth the Cost?

best colored golf glove

Remember those vintage images of iconic players (think Palmer and Nicklaus) holding a finish or posing with putter in air? Well, chances are they’re rocking a colored golf glove. Somewhere along the way though, the realization that plain white gloves could be mass-produced at much lower costs than their colored counterparts left these eye-catching accessories…

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How To Choose A Winter Golf Vest

down golf vest

Remember those oversized golf vests worn by just about every tour player in the early 2000s? Yeah, me too. As hard as it may be, fashionable golf brands are doing their best to wipe your memory of those regrettably ill-fitting pieces with sleek and stylish modern-day golf vests. Today’s vests function as a necessary outerwear piece…

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Winter Golf Gear: 3 Essentials to Staying Stylish and Warm

winter golf essentials

“Well boys, you should have the golf course all to yourselves today. Stay warm out there.” As the days grow shorter, leaves disappear and temperatures drop, so too do many golfers. Driving ranges empty and tee sheets open as the fair-weather masses stash their clubs and retire to their cozy living rooms for the year.…

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J. Lindeberg Golf Apparel: 5 Favorites from the Sprint to Streamsong

j. lindeberg golf apparel

If you’ve ever taken a golf trip, one thing’s for sure: packing can be challenging. What’s the forecast? Do I need shorts and pants? Layers and outerwear? What about rain gear? A long golf weekend anywhere raises a myriad of questions to be answered before selecting just the right gear for the trip. But how…

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J. Lindeberg: Elevating Golf Fashion

golf apparel. J. Lindeberg

What do international fashion runways, alpine ski championships, and stylish golf apparel have in common? Well, everything when it comes to J. Lindeberg. I first stumbled upon the J. Lindeberg brand in 2011 while wandering the fashion-filled streets of New York City’s SoHo district. Drawn toward the sleek designs and trim fits, I cemented the brand…

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10 Groomsmen Golf Gift Ideas

If you’re like most guys, chances are you’re more in tune with your favorite football team’s schedule or next year’s major championship stops than you are the logistics of your wedding day. But even if you’re not chiming in on flower arrangements and color palates, there’s one area you can thrive in: nailing the groomsmen gifts.…

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Arnold Palmer Apparel: Look Great, Do Good

arnold palmer pink shirt

Few people have had a greater impact on the game of golf than Arnold Plamer. Beyond his 62 PGA Tour wins, 4 green jackets, and countless other accolades, Palmer’s unique swing and excitingly brash style of play always seemed to draw people toward him. Though his golfing prowess lured people in, it was his charismatic…

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Dunning Heathered Golf Short: Style Meets Comfort

dunning golf short

Somewhere between my summer rounds in temperate Maine and those in the scorching South Carolina heat, I realized the Dunning Heathered Golf Short is hands-down the most versatile golf short I’ve discovered. In hindsight, it should come as no surprise that Dunning has crafted a performance-driven golf short that’s as comfortable as it is stylish.  After all, the…

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The Dapper Drive Style Guide: Summer 2017

golf style

It’s no secret that there are a lot of different golf apparel brands out there, all vying for your attention. But as you’ve certainly discovered, not all brands are created equal. Introducing the Dapper Drive Style Guide. This is your guide to looking good on the golf course and beyond this summer.  In it you’ll…

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