7 Father’s Day Golf Gifts for the Stylish Dad

best stylish father's day golf gifts

Every year, sons and daughters alike scramble to find Dad the perfect Father’s Day golf gifts.  A seemingly endless search often ensues in an effort to impress the man who’s responsible for introducing many of us to the game. This year, skip the standard box of balls or fleetingly used gadgets and make a more sensible…

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Trendy Golf Supports Drive For Dough Challenge: June 2017

Trendy Golf USA

I’m excited to announce that for the month of June, Trendy Golf will donate a portion of every sale to the Drive for Dough Challenge! About the Drive For Dough Challenge As we make our way across America on the Ultimate Golf Road Trip, Brittany and I want to do our part to help spread awareness about the game of…

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Devereux: A Look At Proper Threads

It’s no secret that Scottsdale is a golf vacationers’ dream. Luxury resorts, pristine desert courses and perfect winter weather. So when it came to picking a location for their company headquarters, it’s no surprise that Devereux (aka DVRX) co-founders Will and Robert Brunner chose sunny Scottsdale. DVRX is a rising golf and lifestyle based apparel company…

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Stitch: The Perfect Golf Head Cover

Fall golf

On a crisp autumn morning, you find yourself in the middle of the fairway with a perfect yardage to attack the reachable par 5 ahead. As you reach for your trusty hybrid, you discover an all too familiar scene – your head cover is missing. “Again!?” you wonder in disbelief. Enter Stitch Golf. While most of us would…

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Criquet Shirts: The 19th Hole

long sleeve players shirt

It’s time you got to know Criquet Shirts a little better. In our last style post, we introduced you to the Criquet brand, likely convinced you that The Players Shirt will become your new go-to polo, and hooked you up with a 20% off discount code to sweeten the deal on your next Criquet purchase…

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Criquet Shirts: Your New Favorite Polo

Best golf shirt

Your favorite shirt – we all have one. That go-to shirt we dawn for any and every occasion, and wear as often as we can. In that shirt, our wit seems sharper and jokes sound funnier. You know that shirt, right? Well, for Hobson & Billy, the laid-back Austin, Texas based duo behind Criquet Shirts, that elusive perfect polo…

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G/FORE Crusaders: 4 Reasons To Shake Up Your Golf Shoe Game

If you’ve been following the PGA Tour this season, not only have you witnessed a plethora of ridiculously impressive golf, but you’ve likely seen some new trends in golf fashion, too. Topping that list has been the introduction of high-top golf shoes. High-tops on a golf course? You bet. Truthfully, I wasn’t fully convinced the first time I laid…

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G/FORE: Be Bold. Be Colorful.

golf fashion

It’s Saturday morning, and you’re pumped. In your world, there’s only one thing that matters today – your tee time with the crew. You roll up to the bag drop, kick the bag boy a 5-spot, and head to the range. “Damn, I look good,” you think to yourself. You can’t help but feel sharp in…

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AG Green Label: Distinctive Style For The Course & Beyond

AG Green Label

Among the countless challenges in golf, there’s one that trumps all for the sartorially spirited golfer — finding stylish apparel that can transition seamlessly from the course to the clubhouse and beyond.  Something that looks as good at dinner with friends, as it does on the links with the bros. Well my fashionable friends, fret no more.  AG Green Label has…

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Why You Need a Pair: Footjoy DNA

Footjoy DNA golf shoe

As each year passes, the game of golf continues to evolve.  Drivers feature endless club head adjustments, golf balls go further, irons fly higher, and golf shoes get better and better.  Wait, what? It may not be the first thing that pops into an avid golfer’s mind, but the appropriate footwear is key to performing…

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